Why Terron Armstead can help the Miami Dolphins more by retiring

Apparently, Terron Armstead has yet to make up his mind about whether or not he is playing in 2024 or calling it a career.

Jan 13, 2024; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Miami Dolphins guard Robert Jones (65) and offensive
Jan 13, 2024; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Miami Dolphins guard Robert Jones (65) and offensive / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The saga surrounding Terron Armstead and a potential retirement has not come to a conclusion as once previously reported.

The Miami Dolphins apparently are still in limbo when it comes to Terron Armstead's future. Mike McDaniel spoke with the media today and was asked about his left tackle. McDaniel said he is giving Armstead "time" to make his decision.

A few weeks back it was reported by a local beat writer that Armstead had made the decision to return to the Dolphins. Barry Jackson posted a message on "X" regarding a comment made by someone else regarding a different LT. Now, it seems that if Armstead is coming back, he hasn't told his head coach yet.

There is a deadline for the Dolphins to make a decision of their own on Armstead. His contract becomes guaranteed on March 15th. If the Dolphins release him, they would likely make him a post-June 1st cut and save nearly $9 million but would eat an additional $11 million.

What the Dolphins and Armstead should do, is work out a deal that better helps the team and helps Armstead.

If Armstead is on the fence, he should retire. The Dolphins should tell him to retire. Armstead is not bound to return any guaranteed money still on the contract but he can and that is where the Dolphins can do right by him.

If Armstead retires and gives back the guaranteed portions of his contract, Miami will get that back on the salary cap. The value with Armstead is no longer on the field. His injury issues are simply too frequent to rely upon. His real value is what he brings in terms of leadership to the team and how he helps the other linemen.

So why not retire and let the Dolphins make him an assistant coach for a year or two? The Dolphins could pay the guaranteed money back to him as a coach and Armstead can help Butch Barry with the players.

It is a bit out of the box thinking but it could work.

What we do know today is not what we knew a couple of weeks ago and it appears that the Armstead decision is still yet to have been made. The Dolphins better hope one is made soon no matter how much "time" McDaniel thinks he deserves. They have decisions to make if he retires. Then again, they have to find a suitable LT as it is for when he can't play.