Why the Miami Dolphins should "consider" Jimmy Garoppolo if released by Las Vegas

The Miami Dolphins have their starting QB but getting a valuable backup could be the key to a deeper playoff run and Jimmy Garoppolo could be that guy.
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Jimmy Garoppolo has not been the QB the Las Vegas Raiders had hoped for. It shouldn't have been a surprise. Garoppolo is a decent, yet average NFL QB. He has reached his ceiling and frankly, it will be suprising if he lands another starting job.

The Raiders could move on from him this off-season. Garoppolo will miss two games in 2024 due to taking a prescription drug that was not approved by the NFL. His contract has language that could allow the Raiders to get out of his current, overpaid contract.

If the Raiders release Garoppolo, the Dolphins should bring him to Miami.

I'm not sold on Mike White as the Dolphins backup, honestly. I'm not overly sold on Skylar Thompson either. Garoppolo may not be much better but he already knows how this Dolphins offense works and Mike McDaniel knows Jimmy-G from his 49ers days.

Is it a match made in heaven? Of course not, it's simply a match that would provide the Dolphins an ounce of security should they lose Tua Tagovailoa for a game or two. Garoppolo can play football, just not consistently well. In Vegas, he was asked to do too much. In Miami, he would be asked to do far less.

The benefit is his knowledge of the system. He has far more experience than White and Thompson combined. Of course, there is the irony that in 2024, the Dolphins would play all three of his former teams, the Raiders, 49ers, and Patriots.

Garoppolo is not a QB that Miami should bang down doors to sign. They should most definitely not pick up his contract, and if there are other teams hoping to sign him, then let them. But if he is without a team, the Dolphins could do far worse than adding a backup that is better than what they have currently.