Why the Miami Dolphins shouldn't rest Terron Armstead for one more week if he is able to play

The Miami Dolphins do not need to be looking beyond the Denver Broncos but this week, they should strongly consider sitting Terron Armstead in favor of Kendall Lamm.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

Terron Armstead wants to be on the field for the Miami Dolphins and he is getting closer to doing so. So close in fact he might be able to play on Sunday against the Broncos.

The question that is being asked and not answered is should he play if he is healthy?

EDITORS NOTE: The title should have been changed to "shouldn't" before publishing.

Of course, he should. That is the easiest answer but it isn't easy. Armstead doesn't need much to get his body into shape for a game and this week would provide an opportunity to get back on the field for the first time this year.

Armstead hasn't practiced since mid-August when he got dinged up. He has been listed as questionable with back, knee, and ankle injuries. Stepping on the field Armstead could ding something up.

Many fans think that he should sit out one more week and be fully rested and ready to go for the Buffalo Bills in week four.

I will be honest when I started writing this, I too thought that wasn't a bad idea. Keeping Armstead out for another week, especially with Lamm playing so well, makes sense. A more healthy Armstead against the Bills is far more important.

Then as I started writing it I realized that Armstead hasn't made contact with anyone since the middle of camp and while he is a seasoned veteran, his body still needs to take some reps.

Is it smart to play Armstead for an entire game? Maybe not. You don't want to look over the Broncos or you will get beat. Still, why not put Armstead in for a few series and get him some action, and then put Lamm in?

The bigger picture is to keep Armstead healthy and while we all know that is almost impossible, at some point he has to play if he is able to.

Yes, Lamm is playing well and you hate to change that but Armstead is the guy Miami needs at left tackle and if he is healthy and able, there is no reason to keep him out an extra week because the team plays a big game against a division rival.

If Armstead is healthy enough to play, he should play.