Why Tua Tagovailoa skipping some voluntary workouts means absolutely nothing

No need for Dolphins fans to panic just yet
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In a story that is not even close to surprising, Tua Tagovailoa has reportedly skipped the majority of offseason workouts for the Miami Dolphins. Tagovailoa is about to play on his fifth-year option, but obviously, he's hoping to get an extension done.

However, that's not going smoothly. The latest update from CBS' Jonathan Jones has plenty of fans talking. Could some drama be on the way between Chris Grier and Tagovailoa's reps? Let's hold the phone on that.

In this article that explains to you how the offseason program is voluntary and that Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins are negotiating a long-term deal, you will learn nothing new. What really is incredible is that there are several photos and videos of Tagovailoa throwing to his teammates at the Dolphins facility in April. The idea that Tagovailoa has gone AWOL or anything like that is completely false.

Dolphins fans should't overreact about the latest Tua Tagovailoa news

Has he gone to every session that was available to him? Probably not and that's fine because it's the offseason. Most players, especially the veteran ones, don't do that. This is nothing new. However, since it's Tagovailoa and he's negotiating a contract, it's going to be looked at as a bad sign, especially if you're someone who rummages for anything that makes the QB look bad.

There are some Dolphins fans who want nothing to do with Tagovailoa as the quarterback of the future, which is understandable. He certainly needs to improve if this talented team is going to be more than a perennial first-round exit type of squad. The money he is going to get - there's not much we can do about that. It's probably going to be an amount that his skill level and accomplishments haven't earned. That's the market for decent starting quarterbacks these days. With that said, what matters is the mandatory minicamp for Miami from June 4-6. If Tagovailoa misses that due to holding out, then we have something to talk about.

The hope is that Tagovailoa will be there on June 4. Who knows if he'll be the first one in the door or not, but past offseasons and Tagovailoa's work ethic doesn't make it seem like he'd skip this, even if he doesn't have a new deal signed yet. He has always known the importance of keeping up appearances and not rocking the boat from a perception standpoint. He handled all of the previous DeShaun Watson rumors exceptionally well.

If you must make a big deal about Tagovailoa potentially not being there for every voluntary session, even though we know he has been there for some and has put a great deal of time into his body this offseason, go right ahead. I'll never tell you how to be a fan. Just know you're getting worked up over nothing.