Wild Hail Mary leads to 99-yard Jevon Holland TD to put Miami Dolphins up by 11 at the half

Jevon Holland has his first interception of the year for the Miami Dolphins and came at a perfect time!

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins are beating the New York Jets 17-6 at the half thanks to a Jevon Holland interception returned for a touchdown.

It is a rare thing to see a 99-yard interception returned for a touchdown, especially on a Hail Mary pass but that is exactly what happened when the Tim Boyle deep throw was picked off at the one-yard line.

Holland realized he could run it back as time expired in the half. After beating a couple of downfield players, Holland found himself in a position to beat offensive linemen and the QB. He split through them, made some small cuts, and scampered into the end zone to give Miami a cushion.

This entire stage was set when Tua Tagovailoa through a pick-6 two drives before to let the Jets climb back into the game. On the next drive, Tua threw another interception on 3rd down leaving enough time for one play by the Jets. The "Snowman" took care of it.

Miami has been running quite a bit against a good Jets defense and clearly, they are trying to wear the defensive front down. While Holland's INT will be the talk now, Tua hasn't played well which of course will spurn the continued "you just hate Tua talk."

In the first half, Tua completed 15 of 23 passes for 171 yards and a touchdown to Tyreek Hill. He has two interceptions as well, including the aforementioned pick-6.

Hill has 5 receptions for 66 yards and a score while Jaylen Waddle leads the team with 7 receptions for 82 yards.

On the ground, Jeff Wilson has 34 yards on six carries while Raheem Mostert has 15 yards on 18 carries.

The Dolphins are playing down to the Jets offensively and there is little creativity right now from Mike McDaniel who seems more inclined to try and force-feed the ball on quick screens.

For the 2nd week in a row, Miami's offense went for it on 4th down at the end zone and came up empty.

Miami gets the ball back to start the 2nd half with a chance to open this game up completely. Tua has to be smarter with the football but he has been under pressure and the Jets are taking away his first read consistently. When that happens, Tua doesn't have much time to get through his progressions.

Tua has been sacked once but has been under pressure.

Defensively, the Dolphins have been absolutely brilliant and we will leave it at that. The Jets have only 2 first downs on the day.