With the Dalvin Cook saga now over Miami Dolphins need to focus on Christian Wilkins and Zach Sieler

The Miami Dolphins no longer need to wait out Dalvin Cook's decision. He is a Jet and the Miami Dolphins are moving on, not that they seemed all that interested from the start. Now, it's defensive line time.

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins (94) participates in the scrimmage at Hard Rock
Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins (94) participates in the scrimmage at Hard Rock / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

Christian Wilkins is still waiting to get paid and he will, eventually. The question is whether or not the Miami Dolphins will be the team that gives him his big check. After months of speculation, nothing firm has been done.

Over the last several months it was assumed that money was being held on to in order to pay Dalvin Cook but as Cook made it clear from the start that the Dolphins were his first choice, Chris Grier made no move that would make Cook a member of the team.

Grier is content to ride this season with Mostert, Wilson, Achane, and whoever lands the final roster spot in the RB room but his priorities should be focused on getting Wilkins, a top NFL defensive tackle, a new contract.

It is presumed that Wilkins deal will land in the $70 million range over a likely four or five year deal. The guaranteed money should come in around $55 or more. Wilkins has played hard since the day he arrived and now, the Dolphins who have publicly said they would like to have him back and Wilkins who also has said he wants to come back, need to get something done.

Wilkins is a leader on defensive front and needs to get this behind him. Of all the players in the league, Wilkins is probably one of few players who won't slack off when a new contract is reached. I know that is a big statement but we see production slip from players who no longer are seeking the big payday. Wilklins isn't that type of player.

Miami's problem is that they have a lot of money tied into Tyreek Hill, Jalen Ramsey, Terron Armstead, Bradley Chubb, and Xavien Howard. They have two other impending free agents on the Dline as well, Zach Sieler and Raekwon Davis.

Sieler is another player that Miami has to take care of. He will come much cheaper than Wilkins but there is no reason Miami can't get him extended now before his cost goes up with another solid season ahead of free agency in 2024.

Together, Wilkins and Sieler make the Dolphins defense better and they both know this.

Grier's managing of the cap has been good from year to year but now we are seeing some of those contracts becoming restrictive. What he needs to do is be smarter with how he spends his money. For example, Armstead is an incredible talent but a player who doesn't stay healthy. Grier could have paid three lineman for the price he paid for Armstead and the line would have been better as a result.

Are we starting to see Grier as a general manager who is starting to get a little deeper in the water? His spending habits may show that he is. He has spent heavily on defense and added two top players to the offense in Hill and Armstead. No one will say it but Miami is trying to win now not later and all the signings and trades he has made in the last two seasons show that shift in focus.

Still, Grier has to stop dragging his feet with Wilkins and Sieler. They both deserve new deals, both want to be a part of the team's future and both continue to work hard. Now that Cook is no longer in the picture, it's time for Grier to just get this done.