World's apart, Miami Dolphins apparently can't reach agreement with Christian Wilkins - should they trade him?

The Miami Dolphins have a problem. They can't seem to lock up star DT Christian Wilkins and since neither side appears ready to budge, should the Dolphins consider trading him?
Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins (94) participates at training camp at Baptist
Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins (94) participates at training camp at Baptist / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

The Miami Dolphins executives may have screwed up while playing games with Christian Wilkins. They could have locked him up on the cheap last off-season but instead opted to wait. Then, they could have hit free agency running with their top DT under contract on a long term deal. They didn't. Now, they may pay the price.

According to a new report by Ian Rapoport, the Dolphins and Wilkins remain far apart on a deal and it may have been the reason the Dolphins turned their attention to Zach Sieler who signed an extension Sunday morning. With Sieler under contract, is Wilksin a priority at all?

Wilkins reportedly wants top DT money. As the off-season has progressed, his numbers continued to climb and why wouldn't they? The DTs taken in the same draft as he was have mostly been extended and Wilkins wants as much as the top guys and more than others.

Now the Dolphins may have no choice but to imagine a team without the leadership of Christian Wilkins and that begs the question...should they try and trade him?

Miami has to make this decision now. Next year, Wilkins is a free agent unless the Dolphins pay him on a franchise tag. They could tag him and try and trade him next off-season or they could wait until next off-season and work out a deal but will ultimately pay him more than they would have if they just simply gave him a new deal back in March.

Now, who knows what is going to happen but if Grier doesn't view him as part of their future, he should try and trade him to a team that will give him the contract he deserves.

If we are being honest, trading Wilkins this year would be a huge mistake. Miami lacks quality depth behind Raekwon Davis, Sieler, and Wilkins and the drop off is considerable.

This whole situation is a shame as it could have easily been avoided but the Dolphins continue to play hard ball with one of their best defenders while playing soft ball with guys like Xavien Howard and whined about not being the top paid CB.

Miami has big problems ahead and Wilkins is only a part of it. Grier has handed out large deals to Terron Armstead, Bradley Chubb, Jalen Ramsey, Howard, and will need to lock up Tua, Waddle, Phillips, Hunt, Holland, and others in the coming two seasons. Along with Wilkins.

It's not a great situation for anyone but in this situation, Grier is the one to be pointed out. This could have all been avoided months ago.