Xavien Howard snubbed by NFL Top 100 voting while Ramsey lands at 36 for the Miami Dolphins

Over the weekend as the Miami Dolphins were busy with an intra-squad scrimmage and fans were busy cheering the induction of Zach Thomas into the Hall of Fame, the Dolphins got more Top 100 players named.

Jul 26, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey (5) works out during
Jul 26, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey (5) works out during / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey is walking the Miami Dolphins sidelines and practice field without the assist or use of crutches. He ditched them after only a few days following his meniscus surgery. While that is a good sign as to his recovery, the Dolphins still don't expect him back until mid-October at the very earliest but more likely mid-December.

Ramsey still is considered one of the best CBs in the NFL and he lands this year at number 36 on the player voted list of top 100 in the NFL.

His play for the Rams last year earned him this honor and if he misses significant time in 2023, he will most assuredly drop next year but for now, the Dolphins get another player on the list of 100.

The bigger news is that Xavien Howard did not make the top 100 this year.

Yes, Howard had an off year in 2022 but still made the Pro Bowl so it is suprising that he is not on this year's list of the top 100 and frankly, that is a massive oversight.

The NFL Top 100 of 2023 is now down to the top 10 and Howard still has not seen his name on the list. While Dolphins fans will argue until they are blue in the face that Howard is a top-20 talent, the reality is that after last season, he shouldn't be ranked that high.

As the top 10 of the NFL Top 100 is about to be released, we know we will see Tyreek Hill on the list but the fact that Howard wasn't named at all is extremely disturbing. Maybe he will use this as motivation to play harder in 2023.

Howard was ranked 17th in 2021 and in 2022 was number 56. Now he is completely off the list.

If we are being honest, Howard's 2022 wasn't great by any means but some players are on this list for their past accomplishments, Howard though isn't one of them.