Zach Sieler has signed a three-year deal with the Miami Dolphins but what is the ripple effect?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Here's a piece of good news for everyone who is a fan of the outfit called the Miami Dolphins. Zach Sieler has signed a three-year deal meaning we get to see one of the most underrated players in football continue his quest of being a savage in the interior of the defensive line thus letting everyone know whose game it is.

Everyone's stealthy favorite player on the team gets to call South Beach home for the next three years and he gets a nice chunk of change to do it. Not bad for a 7th-round pick out of Ferris State.

Sieler is a mauler in the interior of the defense and truly looks like one of the guys whose motor never stops. When you're as unheralded as Sieler was there isn't much room to take a play off here and there. Goon on him for getting to this point in his career. Hopefully, the best is still to come for Zach Sieler.

Naturally, our conspiracy theory brains are in a frenzy to connect to what Zach Sieler signing a long-term deal means for other players on the Dolphins and a player not on the Dolphins.

Christian Wilkins is still just hanging out with the team but isn't partiapating in any practices. We know he and the Miami Dolphins have been negotiating a long-term deal for seemingly months, but as of today nothing concrete has happened.

We also believe the Miami Dolphins offered a second-rounder to the Colts for Jonathan Taylor. Is it possible that now that Miami got Zach Sieler under contract, for a decent price for that caliber of player, Wilkins could be involved in a trade for Taylor? I guess it's possible but to me, that still seems unlikely.

I'm not saying the Dolphins still won't meet the Tuesday deadline and acquire Taylor via a trade. I just don't think Christian Wilkins will be involved unless the Colts are willing to send more to Miami because Christian Wilkins for Jonathan Taylor is not equal. Taylor is flashier and more fun to watch but we know a consistent defensive tackle who plays at the level that Wilkins has shown is simply worth more in this league.

It's hard to say what exactly will happen. It's only 9:15 on Sunday morning. There's a lot of time left between now and Tuesday.

The important thing is that one of the best players on the team will be playing for the Miami Dolphins for the next few years. Great day for Zach Sieler. I hope the guy celebrates a great deal with an awesome brunch somewhere.

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