Zach Thomas gets his gold jacket ahead of the HOF induction ceremony

Zach Thomas may have to wait a little while longer to get his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame but he has his jacket.

Feb 9, 2023; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Zach Thomas, member of the Pro football Hall of Fame class of 2023,
Feb 9, 2023; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Zach Thomas, member of the Pro football Hall of Fame class of 2023, / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you have ever wondered when HOF players get their Gold Jackets, they apparently don't get them the day of the induction. There is no, putting the jacket on them like there is when someone wins the PGA Masters tournement. It's all for show.

Thomas, who will be inducted, finally, into the HOF in early August, received his Gold Jacket and was able to unbox it with his family and video the entire scene for the rest of us.

It is truly one of the magical moments that fans finally can share in even if not in person. Thomas' wait isn't over but the reality has to be sinking in.

Thomas, as we noted earlier this week will be the first person presented into the HOF when the induction ceremony begins. Thomas has waited far too long for this honor but it is one that will never be taken away from him.

Next up? Miami has to have at least some hopes that Richmond Webb, Mark Clayton, and Bob Kuechenberg can finally get their long overdue induction. Webb can still get in by normal voting while Clayton and Kooch have to hope they get in on senior nominations.

For Kooch, it's an honor that he wanted for years but one he will not get to see in person after his passing. His family may want to see it but for now, we don't know if that is any type of priority. Kooch absolutely deserves to be in the HOF and his credentials are far better than some already in the HOF>

As for Clayton, he and Kooch both made the semi-finals for the Senior Committee nominees for 2024 but it's a long way to go as only one person will eventually get the nod.

Webb has been looked over for years and he too is long overdue but the HOF surprisingly has yet to give him the due he deserves.