Nov 16, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive lineman and Stanford Cardinal alumnus Jonathan Martin attends the game against the Southern California Trojans at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wells Report On Dolphins Due Thursday


The beginning of the end may finally be in sight.  According to multiple reports, the Ted Wells investigation that has rocked the Miami Dolphins since late October is supposed to be released publicly on Thursday.  The ramifications of how it will effect the rest of the NFL is not known and may not be until weeks if not months after the report is released.  A second investigation that has been conducted by the NFLPA is not expected for another month or more.  It will carry little or no affect on anyone.

For the Dolphins it will at least be the beginning of what they hope will be the end of the bullying scandal that is now being played out in the press by verbal rebuttals from the Richie Incognito camp.  What exactly the report will tell is unknown.  Incognito maintains that his relationship with Martin has been one of only friendship.  Martin refuses to say they were.

Miami has been nothing more than a harbor of scandal since Stephen Ross took over the team in 2009.  Since his arrival the team has lacked a focal leadership that went entirely South of the departure of Bill Parcells two weeks prior to the start of the 2011 season.  Ross followed that departure with his own departure from Miami to California dragging his GM in tow and thus creating a firestorm of bad press surrounding his then current coach Tony Sparano.

The list of black marks against the organization continued to grow especially under the magnification of continued losing seasons.

Ross has said that he “thinks” he knows what is in the report but isn’t for certain.  He said he has a plan in place that many believe will spell the end of OL coach Jim Turner who appears at minimum to be the first staff member that will face responsibility.  It’s unlikely that Joe  Philbin will face any more scrutiny than he already has.  Philbin recently took offense to the Tony Dungy interview of Martin where he said that had he been the coach none of this would have happened.  A media report stated that Philbin reached out to Dungy complaining of being ridiculed for not running a tighter ship.

Last week, Don Shula spoke out about the incident saying that it would not have occurred under his coaching either because he demanded his position coaches get to know and thus handle any problems that arose.  Philbin has been a meticulous coach often working on the details of his practices and game plans but it’s become apparent that while the minute details are being covered the bigger picture has not.

How the Dolphins come out of this report is anyone’s guess at this point, but at least fans can put the “bullygate” behind them and a majority of the speculation can finally stop.

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  • gofins60

    It’s simple: Philbin should have been fired along with Ireland; he’s not Head Coach material.

    • Miami Jules (Julian)

      I agree with you on Ireland for sure, just judging on the record, not only of team wins, but also on production from draft picks and free agent moves. It doesn’t look good for Philbin either based on this past season, but I am willing to give him a shot to do all he wants, as long as Ross is willing to clean house if we fail yet again, if he doesn’t clean house, then our problem was bigger than that all along, in that they started the moment Ross bought the team.

      • gofins60

        Want Philbin wants to do is build a “finesse” team, both on offense and defense. Philbin and Coyle (with Ireland) took the 3rd ranked rushing defense, made some scheme and personnel changes, and turned it into the 24th ranked rushing defense. On offense, o-linemen who were half-decent blockers under the last regime now can no longer block under Philbin’s scheme. He wants finesse; and that means no power blocking, no FB, and no big, strong, physical RBs to make those 3rd and shorts.

        Coyle was a poor choice for DC. His schemes and playcalling suck, and the entire defense (except for Grimes) has regressed from the defense he inherited. Ireland’s picks to fill the defense don’t seem very good at tackling.

        Since Philbin is staying, I hope that Lazor is allowed to do things (like run!) that Philbin doesn’t really want to do. Coyle should’ve been replaced along with Sherman. IMO, the only way Philbin should keep his job is if he lets good coordinators (not Coyle!) run the offense and defense and he stays out of it!

        • Miami Jules (Julian)

          Based on what I know right now, which is about the same we all do, I tend to agree with everything you said. We spent 4 years building a “ground & pound” offense and after we had almost all the right people in place, we turned around and went with something entirely different, which is frustrating.
          The questions I still have are whether Philbin or Coyle got the personnel they needed or were they just told to make the best with what they had. Ireland came across to me as being more about how good a deal he made was, instead of securing the right people for the job. I’m getting up in years so I tend to LOVE the pro style offense which doesn’t necessarily interfere with the “Y” type of plays (multiple WR/TE options) of the WCO in a hybrid
          Did Coyle want to keep Burnett and Dansby? That I don’t know for sure. Right now, all I can judge is the substantial drop against the run from 2012 to 2013, so I tend to blame Coyle and Philbin by extension, because I have a feeling Philbin will be more loyal to his pals than he will be to his team and that would make Philbin a liability and the problem from here on out, since Ireland’s draft decisions are no longer a factor.
          I remember when Shula had no choice but to play a “finesse” type of football because of the players he had, but the moment he had a chance he went out and drafted two O-lines monsters in Webb and Simms. Right now, we can’t run and can’t stop the run and that’s no way to win much in the NFL.

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  • Miami Jules (Julian)

    I’m done with Martin, Incognito and Ted Wells, and even the NFL (unfortunately that’s the only pro league we have and I’m not doing Canadian football). I have been hearing about this report being due since the investigation started and frankly, the fact that it always seem to be “due” in a couple of days, is hurting everyone’s credibility.