More Post Practice Transcripts


Here are some post-practice transcripts with Ronnie Brown, Chad Henne, and Josh McCown.  All 3 are courtesy of PBP

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(On the status of his finger) – “The finger is good, it feels fine. It’s heeled up and you know it’s back to normal. Feels fine.”

(On if he’s ever been in a three player quarterback competition) – “Yeah, actually last year in Oakland. I was there and actually it was narrowed down quickly because JaMarcus (Russell) didn’t show up. It was Andrew Walter and I, then Daunte (Culpepper) came then it was all three of us then they eliminated Andrew from it and it was Daunte and I so it was kind of two-three-two. But you have a similar situation where you’re working to try to find enough reps for the guys and get them all ready but still be able to evaluate somebody and to be able to make somebody your starter. It’s an interesting situation. It’s hard but you know for me as a competitor obviously when your goal is to be a starter and you go put yourself in any situation you can to make that come true. So that’s why I chose to come here. Obviously it’s not the desired situation to be in to have to compete with three guys, but like I said when you have a goal you get after it and try to make that thing happen. That was the case here and that will make the team better. The competition is good for us.”

(On his comfort level with the current offense) – “The comfort level is good. It’s really good. I think the coaches have done an excellent job teaching, not just coach (David) Lee in our position but every position when you watch in the meetings how you have a bunch of teachers as coaches and they don’t just cram it down your throat. They try to make sure you learn it and get it to a place where you can take it out on the field and execute it so from that standpoint, for me personally, and for a lot of guys, we all felt that because of what we did this spring we are ready to go and come out here and execute at a high level.”

(On the discipline and intensity of the current coaching staff compared to others) – “It’s up there. It’s as intense or probably more then anything I’ve played with. Coach (Rod) Marinelli in Detroit was an intense guy and you know there are different styles for different people and different ways that coaches bring intensity. With coach Sparano and this group it’s out there in front of you. You know what’s expected of you and you go out and feel that every practice you feel his intensity. Every time coach Sparano walks into a meeting with you or whatever, you feel the intensity and the expectations that they want from us. It’s at least, at worst, the most intense place I’ve been.”

(On the difficulty of splitting reps with two quarterbacks instead of three with the absence of Chad Henne in the morning session) – “Chad definitely owes us some dinners now. It was tough because it was rapid fire when you have two guys. Most of the time, in my experience, you go to camp with four or five, or if you’re in Tampa 10 guys. For us going with two guys it was tough. It was good because you get in situations, and we talked about it all off-season, about how you have to, especially at our position. Late in the game when you’re trying to come back and you know especially the way I play, making plays with your feet. You have to be well conditioned. It was tough this morning, no doubt. It was good to persevere and go through but I’m definitely glad Chad is here.”

(On his injured finger and how he notified the Dolphins) – “I called them immediately and told them about what happened. I wasn’t dreading it. This is what happened and I was honest and told them exactly what went on and whatever the consequences are they are. I wasn’t going to lie about it. I wasn’t dreading it. It was a decision I made. It was a poor decision probably looking back. Thankfully it’s still on and it’s always a good thing when your fingers are still on, so you learn from it and move forward.”

(On rotating three quarterbacks and having two up and one down) – “John (Beck) and I were talking about it today. It’s like being injured because he was down today. So it’s like when you’re down it’s tough because obviously you have to stay involved mentally but you’re out of it. It’s almost like you’re running a race and you feel like someone is gaining ground on you. You know you’re going to get your turn tomorrow but it’s just that weird feeling. More than anything for the two guys that are up, it lets them get continuity for them to be able to run it six, seven, eight plays in a row which is more game-like then to just run four plays and get out and have another guy come in, and you’re constantly shuffling and you don’t develop any continuity.”

(On if is experience is in his favor) – “I can’t say, that’s a question for the coaches. Obviously in my position, yes I hope it would. Again, they are going to put the guy out there that they feel gives us the best chance to win. I’m going to do everything I can to make myself that guy as I know John and Chad will.”

(On him having a realistic shot at becoming the starting quarterback) – “I think for me, coming here in free agency that’s one thing that I wanted to sit down with coach Sparano and talk to him about. How this is going to take place. How it’s going to carry out, even what it was going to be. That’s one thing, credit to them, that they’ve done is they’ve been meticulous in how even every rep has been and that one guy goes with the one’s one day and you know two guys are up, one guy’s down, it rotates and all that. I really appreciate that and I feel it’s a fair shot. You just have to go out and play and let the chips fall. ”


(On thoughts of the new coaching regime) – “I’m excited about it. The whole team likes the new concept, ‘A New Beginning,’ and I think everybody is excited about it. Coming into camp, that’s a good feeling. Everybody is excited from that standpoint, everyone is buying into the system, that’s what you need coming into camp. Everybody needs to come in and work hard and believe in what you are doing.”

(On whom is the face of the franchise with Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor gone) – “I’m not sure. Obviously we got a new season, and a lot of guys have opportunities to make plays and be a big part of this organization. Right now we just need to concentrate on getting better and focusing on the guys we have here. When we start the season you never know.”

(On if he would like to be considered the face of the franchise) – “I would. But for the most part we all got to play our part and if everybody is on the poster and we’re all doing what we need to do as a team then everything else will take care of itself.”

(On thoughts of the billboards while driving around) – “I saw one. I’m excited about it. We got a whole new start coming off of last season. Last season was last season. We started a new season, so now in the 2008 season we got ‘A New Beginning,’ so everyone is excited about that and getting the opportunity.”

(On if you can win without a face of the franchise) – “I think so for the most part. Football is the ultimate team sport and if everyone comes in and takes care of their business nobody really stands out. When you win it doesn’t really matter. If you win a Super Bowl who cares about who stands out. Our main objective is just to get better and win games.”

(On who is the leader of the team) – “We have a lot of guys who need to step up and contribute and participate. We all have to take a little leadership role whether its verbal or your work ethic, handling your business and doing everything that you need to do. It depends. Different guys attack different situations different ways. We have some guys who are more vocal guys, and some of those guys who just come in and work hard do what they need to do and handle them self in a professional manner.”

(On where he is in his progress coming off injury) – “I think I have taken a huge step since the injury, coming back and putting a lot of time in, but at the same time I still have a long way to go. It’s our first day of camp and obviously we have a few more weeks and I’m just going to take it one day at a time and try to improve. There’s always room for improvement and I feel like I still have a lot of things I can improve on and that’s the key to get better over the next few weeks.”

(On if there are drills that make you think you’re not fully recovered) – “I think part of it is mental. Every now and then I feel myself gathering when I make a certain cut or make a certain movement. I just get over the mental part of it and let everything flow and let it go, and just go in and react on the instinct instead of thinking about moves every now and then.”

(On if he remembers the pain and if he takes caution thinking that he might get hurt again) – “For the most part I don’t think about what happened. I may not be as strong coming out of cuts on certain sides as I am on the other side. I just want to make sure when everything rolls around I feel the same on each leg.”

(On how low last year was with the injury and the record) – “It was tough, obviously anytime you get injured that’s tough not being able to participate and you can’t do anything to help your teammates. You work so hard and put so much into it and you get in a situation when you get injured, and your team is struggling and there is nothing you can do about it.”


(On missing the first practice) – “It’s always tough to miss the first practice and being out here with the guys and kind of going through the same thing but we’re glad the contract is done and from here on out I’m full go.”

(On the starting quarterback position being up for grabs in camp) – “I think coach Sparano expressed that it’s going to be equal. Obviously, today they gave us some equal reps and throughout camp they are going to give us our first team reps, second team reps and third team reps. So we’re equal in their eyes and obviously they are going to taper it down once it goes on. ”

(On if he had first-team work today) – “Not today, but tomorrow”

(On how important it was to get into camp) – “It’s very important to get it done and get into camp especially because I’m competing right now. It’s best for me to get as many reps as I can and prove that I can play. It’s great to get it done and out of the way so I don’t have to worry about it.”

(On if he’s getting hassled from other guys for missing the morning practice) – “No not at all. They’ve been great and supported me and they are just glad to see me out here. I thank them for their contribution and allowing me to come in.”

(On today’s process of signing his contract) – “Throughout this morning I was in contact with my agent and obviously with the Dolphins and you know expressing what the terms are in the contract. We finally finalized it around 2 p.m. I rushed in, got it over with, signed it and came out to practice.”

(On what he was doing when the first practice was going on) – “I was just sitting at my apartment in Fort Lauderdale and kind of relaxing, trying to keep my mind off football even though it was constantly on my mind because I want to be out here so bad. I’m glad to be out here. I watched TV, went for a walk and just tried to keep a calm keel and keep the emotions away.”

(On his sense of urgency to get into camp) – “I think it was big for me to get it in and obviously you saw the past years about the quarterbacks holding out and it’s not a good opportunity for them, especially if they are competing early, and for me to get it done, it’s a great opportunity.”

(On if he gave his agent an ultimatum to get his contract done) – “It wasn’t so much get whatever you need to do. It was just kind of treat me fairly and we will get it done with.”

(On when the contract talks heated up) – “We had talks all week. I got here Tuesday, expecting to be in here this morning and it just did not work out that way. We finally finalized it and I am happy to be here for the second practice and from here on out.”

(On if he was ever in a quarterback competition with two other players) – “Oh yeah. Especially coming to Michigan my freshman year I had to compete with a guy who was a projected starter, Matt Gutierrez, who’s actually with the New England Patriots now, and I competed with him and won that job and started from there.”

(On if he is confident he will get playing time this year) – “We’ll see. I’m going to do the best I can out here and prove to them that I can play.”