Miami Dolphins schedule 2024: game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

The NFL schedule for the 2024 season has been released and the Dolphins are looking good
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins' 2024 season won't be easy, and the schedule has some quirks that will make it a little harder, but Miami has a path to the playoffs.

Predicting what happens in an NFL season isn't easy but we all do it. Last year, we predicted the Miami Dolphins would go 12-5, instead they finished 11-6 and honestly, the Titans game still burns as that would have been the 12th win. Dolphins fans know they should have finished 12-5.

Now, we are moving on to 2024. Here are our "post-draft, pre-camp, and post-schedule release" predictions for the Miami Dolphins.

Week 1: Dolphins vs. Jaguars: Entering the season, there will be a lot riding on the outcome of this game. The Jaguars are a playoff contender, and last year's late-season collapse is still bitter. They will be on a mission to knock off the Texans and take back the division. Against the Dolphins, the Jaguars always seem to have their number. This year, we don't see that changing, as the Jaguars look a lot better than they did last year...on paper.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 2: Thursday night - Dolphins vs. Buffalo: The Bills return to face the Dolphins after knocking them off the Dolphins' season-long perch atop the AFC East in 2023. Miami led or was tied for the lead from start to finish until it mattered the most, and then, Miami couldn't get it done against the Bills. The Buffalo Bills have undergone many changes in 2024 already, and most were not for the better. Tua Tagovailoa will face a different Bills defense in 2024. The game will be played in early September, and while this primetime matchup is at night, it still gets pretty hot on those sidelines.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 3: Dolphins at Seahawks: Miami is the favorite to win this game, but it's in the upper northwest, which means more travel for the Dolphins. The Seahawks will have a new head coach and a lot of questions. Miami will face Jerome Baker for the first time since he left, but the Dolphins are also a team that should win this game.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins win

Week 4: Dolphins vs. Titans: Here we go again. Last year's bitter pill didn't sit well with the team or its fans. It represented a failed attempt to put the Dolphins into a better position to win the AFC East, and instead, the loss allowed the Bills to climb back in and keep pace just enough to take things in the end. The Titans are not the same team. They have changed their coaching staff, and Derrick Henry is also gone.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 5: Dolphins at Patriots: The weather won't matter when the Dolphins head north to face the Patriots. New England will not win many games, and this is one the Dolphins must win because they are a much better team. Home or away, the Patriots should be swept by their AFC East rivals.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 6: Miami will take Week 6 off (bye week)

Week 7: Dolphins at Colts: Playing the Colts is like playing the Titans last year. It is a must-win conference game because the Dolphins should be favored to win, and Miami has to win those types of games. The Colts are average this year and are rebuilding their roster. Miami should still run away with this game, and the weather will not be a problem.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 8: Dolphins vs. Cardinals: It's all about containing Kyler Murray in this game. If the Dolphins can keep him from running wild, they will force him to rely on his team's running backs or his arm, and Murray hasn't shown the consistency to win with just his arm. This game will be on Anthony Weaver's defensive game plan.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 9: Dolphins at Buffalo: It is never easy or fun to play on the road, and Buffalo is one of the worst cities to visit. It won't change this year, as the Dolphins will endure the Bills on the field and Bills Mafia in the stands. It's another grudge match that could decide the AFC East yet again. This second game between the two teams will come much earlier than predicted and will not immediately impact the season finale as it did last season. That makes this game one of the most important on the schedule.

  • PREDICTIONS: Bills Win

Week 10 - Monday Night Football - Dolphins at Rams: Miami will make the long trip out west twice this year, and the Rams will be the more formidable foe. The Rams have all the tools to make a run in the postseason, but the loss of Aaron Donald can't be overlooked. The Dolphins should play this one tough, and the Rams will be looking to climb back into a tight NFC West race. This will be the second trip out west, and they are not back-to-back this season.

  • PREDICTION: The Rams win.

Week 11: Dolphins vs. Raiders: The return of Christian Wilkins will be the topic of conversation heading into game week. The Raiders have not had much success in Miami over the last few years, and for the second year in a row, they will travel to South Florida. The Raiders are improving, but they are not ready for a big jump in the conference just yet. Still, they could be a surprising team in 2024. Think of the Titans last year.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 12: Dolphins vs. Patriots: The Patriots are undergoing a lot of change, but none has been bigger than the mutual departure between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. Nearly three decades have seen the Patriots rule the East, but in the last three years, the Patriots have fallen to the bottom of the division. A new QB and head coach won't change the results immediately.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 13: Thanksgiving night 8 p.m. ET: Dolphins at Green Bay: There is never a good time to play in Green Bay, and Jordan Love has embraced his new role with the team. He led the Packers to the postseason last year when everyone thought the loss of Aaron Rodgers would cripple the team. The Packers are still good, but there are questions and areas the Dolphins can exploit. Miami can win this on the road in a close game. The Dolphins will catch a small break playing them mid-season instead of late when the temperatures can be worse.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 14: Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets: Miami has to come out swinging against a division rival that could challenge for the AFC East title this year. The game won't be easy and Aaron Rodgers will hold the key to the Jets success. The coaching for New York hasn't been as good as many had hoped, and the Jets could be done with Robert Saleh if they fail to make the postseason.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins Win

Week 15: Dolphins at Texans: A visit to Houston could be a season-defining game for both teams. The Texans were the darlings of the AFC in 2023, and expectations are through the roof in 2024. Miami's expectations are pretty high as well, and if they can knock off the Texans, they will earn more respect. That being said, the Texans are one of the most well-balanced teams in the NFL, and they seem to always own the Dolphins.

  • PREDICTION: Texans win

Week 16: Dolphins vs. 49ers: Kyle Shanahan will visit his protege Mike McDaniel at Hard Rock Stadium. It will be the second time the two former coaching teammates will face each other. The 49ers had Miami's number the last meeting, but Tua was coming off a stint in the concussion protocol. This year, the game is in Miami. This is an important game for the Dolphins, as it sets the stage for silencing the doubters. Unfortunately, the doubters will continue to crow.

  • PREDICTION: 49ers win

Week 17: Sunday Night Football - Dolphins at Browns: This should be a good game, and the Browns are facing one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. The AFC North is anyone's division this year, and any games lost in the conference can be the difference between making the playoffs or staying home. Miami just seems to be better prepared to win this game on the road. It will be interesting how both teams are when this game finally gets played. Late-season injuries could determine the winner. The weather will not be in Miami's favor, but it won't matter.

  • PREDICTION: Dolphins win

Week 18: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets: The AFC East is getting gritty, and the Jets are, once again, an on-paper contender. Their offseason moves have been good, but the Jets will only be as good as Rodgers can take them. The Dolphins have always had good contests against the Jets, and this one in New York will be no different. A season finale in New York is going to be cold. If Rodgers is healthy, the Jets will win this one in the Big Apple.

  • PREDICTION: Jets Win

Final season prediction: Dolphins 12-5