Fans Deserve An Answer…From Someone!


The Miami Dolphins are two losses into the 2008 regular season and already the natives are restless. From a poor opening weekend that saw the Dolphins come close to a winning “come from behind drive” to a catastrophic showing against one of the NFL’s most consistent losers, the Arizona Cardinals,  Miami fans are wanting answers.  They want something…anything.   Why, they ask, should they “Believe” in this “New Beginning”?

They don’t want media director Harvey Greene to tell them.  They want it from the mouth of Bill Parcells.  Jeff Ireland.  Tony Sparano.  Frankly, Dolphins fans deserve it.  Last week in the course of interviewing Mercury Morris, he said that when Stephen Ross was negotiating the deal with Wayne Huizenga for 50 percent of the team, that the Dolphins beat the Ravens and Huizenga jacked up the cost by 1 million dollars.  If that is true, do you think that Wayne gave it back after Sunday?  He should have, plus a little more.

I am not a bashing type of writer…I reserve that for the Patriots, Jets, and Bills.  This however needs saying.  The Miami Dolphins fans deserve an answer.  Not for losing as we all deep beneath our cheering expectations of a new season expected losses, no, we need an answer for this questions alone.  Who is Tony Sparano?

Last year the Dolphins watched in horror as their team marched toward the antithesis of perfection.  We watched the head coach stand up as a powder puff and preach to us rather than take control of his team…a team he lost before the season started.  Now, here we are, 9 months after his firing, wondering if our new HC is any different.

What the Dolphins fans expected to get was the Bill Parcells disciple who scowls on the sidelines, blows up at the missed assignments, and bad calls.  The coach that will chew the ear off a ref for not calling a late hit on a QB after the whistle and play had been stopped.  A coach that will run from one end of the field to the next along the sidelines just to scream at the idiot player who didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to be on the field for a field goal.  Where is that coach?

What we have instead appears to be more of the shallow Cam Cameron who would rather sit in an observation box than show any emotion on the field.  It would be Cam Cameron who today would be finding the positives of yesterday’s game…of which there was only 2…Chad Henne and Davone Bess.  Hell for all his poster looks of despair, at least Dave Wannstedt showed some emotion.  Nick Saban at least showed something.  Sparano?  Nothing.

I still hold that Sparano will be a good coach.  He has to grow into the NFL’s highest sideline position the same way that rookie Chad Henne must get his feet wet before he can swim.  I still think that in the end, this group of managers will focus this team in the right direction and that we will see something positive as the year progresses.

What I don’t see and what I want to see are the same things.  I don’t see this loss as being unacceptable and what I want to see is the Dolphins telling me that it is exactly that.  This is unacceptable and I deserve to hear that from Sparano.  From Ireland.  From Bill Parcells himself.  I don’t want face time, I want to know that as I sit here today, pissed at the play of those 53 individuals yesterday, that there are 3 guys in control of this team who’s temperatures are boiling more than mine.

I am growing tired, as many fans are growing tired of hearing the company line.  I want attitude and energy. I wan the coach to stand up the morning after and rip his teams performance instead of coddling a bunch of athletes who played like high-schoolers.

It seems that the fans are on an island together, enraged at the state of this team, expected to accept bottom barrel play when all we want for now is mediocrity.  We don’t need the brave little soldier with the brave little face at press time.  We want General George S. Patton.  

The Dolphins want us to “Believe” and we want something to “Believe” in.