Readers Submitted Mock Draft


Mock Draft Update: Reader Submission

We love “mock drafts” here at  So much so that every now and then we agree to post a reader submitted mock.  This go around belongs to Pete, a member of the PP forum.  Pete was gracious enough to share his latest mock draft with all of us…so of course we had to post it up here for all to read.  Feel free to bash, agree with, and/or simply comment on this mock draft.  Hope you enjoy!

#1 – Detroit Lions – Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia

I’m giving in. After careful consideration regarding the Lions 3 picks in the first 33 selections, I believe Stafford will be the pick here, and that they will address the defensive side of the ball #20, and OT at #33.

#2 – St. Louis Rams – Jason Smith, OT, Baylor

Smith’s performance at the combine has him as a Top 3 OT and the Rams need one to replace Orlando Pace. Like all teams choosing in the Top 5, the Rams have a lot of holes to fill, but it starts with Pace’s replacement.

#3 – Kansas City Chiefs – Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest

I’ve had Curry going to the Chiefs from the beginning. That is all but confirmed now that the Chiefs have landed Cassel. Curry’s abilities and strong character are both well-documented, and he has always been worthy of a Top 3 pick.

#4 – Seattle Seahawks – Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia

Crabtree’s injury isn’t the end of the world but between that and Housh’s signing the Seahawks will turn to fill another need – that being an OT. Monroe is a solid pick at #4 and good value for Seattle.

#5 – Cleveland Browns – Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas

I previously had Jenkins here but with his stock dropping and Orakpo’s only getting better I believe the former Texas Longhorn will be the #5 pick in this years draft.

#6 – Cincinnati Bengals – Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

Cincy won’t have to wait long to find Housh’s replacement when Crabtree “falls” to them at #6. Housh has said that Ocho Cinco will be “right behind” him out of Cincy and I believe Crabtree will be Palmer’s next big target.

#7 – Oakland Raiders – B.J.Ravi, DT, Boston College

Everyone seems to be raving about Al Davis’ need to see a 40-time. Maclin, although he had a good combine, would be a reach here and Ravi has done nothing but impress. Did I mention he had a solid 40-time?

#8 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Ray Maualuga, ILB, USC

I’m staying strong in the face of adversity with this one. The Jags have a penchant for drafting players out of USC so why change now when Rey-Rey fills a hole left in the middle of their Defensive core? Peterson is officially gone (to the Falcons) and Del Rio needs to find his replacement fast.

#9 – Green Bay Packers – Malcolm Jenkins, CB/S, Ohio State

Best case scenario: Jenkins carves out his niche under the guidance of Charles Woodson and becomes an elite CB. Worst case scenario: Jenkins doesn’t quite fit the mould and becomes a solid player at Safety. Everett Brown is also a consideration here.

#10 – San Francisco 49ers – Brian Cushing, OLB, USC

Mark Sanchez is tempting here. Tempting to project him here – tempting for Singletary. Cushing however is a blue-collar superstar. In other words, he’s just what Mike Singletary is looking for. Cushing? You can win with him. On the backs of he and Patrick Willis the Niners’ D are only going to get better.

#11 – Buffalo Bills – Brian Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State

I’m still shocked the Bills signed Owens, and at first I was going to take Pettigrew out of this spot. But imagine that offense now with Brandon Pettigrew who can do it all at TE. The Bills might have their best offensive unit since the Kelly-Thomas-Reed days.

#12 – Denver Broncos – Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

Tough pick for the Broncos – I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded out of this spot. If not however, you have to go with talent, and Moreno has all the talent needed to play RB in Denver.

#13 – Washington Redskins – Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois 

Davis is rising up a lot of draft boards and the Redskins have a difficult decision to make. But after Shaun Springs signed with the Patriots I believe Davis will be the pick here. If not, look for them to draft OT Michael Oher.

#14 – New Orleans Saints – Everette Brown, DE, Florida State

Jonathan Vilma has signed on long term and the Saints are simply set on the offensive side of the ball. Brown will fill a big need on the defensive line and compliment Ellis well. When your best pass rusher is at DT, you need a guy like Brown.

#15 – Houston Texans – Clay Matthews, OLB, USC

Another tough team to pick for, but with Clay’s Uncle Bruce on board, the Texans know who they are getting with this second generation superstar. Matthews’ best days are ahead of him and is a quality pick for the Texans.

#16 – San Diego Chargers – Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi

I want to go on record as saying that Michael Oher measures up to any OT in this draft. That said, the pundits don’t agree with me and Oher will slip down the draft board. The Chargers have an easy choice here and take Oher.

#17 – New York Jets – Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri 

Maclin had a great 40-time but team needs dictate that he stays in the 15-20 neighborhood before he’s drafted. Rex Ryan no doubt wants to put his stamp on the Jets but he will be tempered by the FA signings he’s already made and go with Maclin. Sanchez is also a consideration here, but for some reason he doesn’t strike me as being the Rex Ryan type.

#18 – Chicago Bears – Andre Smith, OT, Alabama

With the coming retirement of John Tait, the Bears have a huge hole to fill at RT. Andre Smith can step in immediately and has the potential to become a solid LT if he can get his head on straight and attitude adjusted.

#19 – Tampa Bay Bucs – Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

Previously I had the Bucs taking Maybin and allowing him to progress under Derrick Brooks, but with Brooks’ departure that seems less a reality. With Sanchez slipping the Bucs will take him as he fetches great value at #19, and let’s be honest – the Bucs aren’t fooling anyone with the façade that they are perfectly happy with Luke McCown as their 2009 opening day starter.

#20 – Detroit Lions – James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State

The mandate for Detroit is simple: They need to maximize potential with their top 3 picks. Chances are Laurinaitis won’t be there at #33 and they need that defensive stalwart to build around. JL will pair well with Ernie Sims. The Lions can only get better.

#21 – Philadelphia Eagles – Darrius Heyward-Bay, WR, Maryland

In my last mock I had Bay going to the Eagles at #28, but in light of Bay’s performance at the combine the Eagles will have to take him at #21 if they want him – and they do!

#22 – Minnesota Vikings – Percy Harvin, WR, Florida

Good thing the Eagles took Bay at #21 because if not he may very well have gone to the Vikings here. Instead the Norse-men from Minnesota “settle” for Harvin which will make the pass game better as well as take the 8th and 9th men in out of the box. Can you imagine AP’s production if teams were forced to play the Vikes’ Offense honestly?

#23 – New England Patriots – Aaron Maybin, OLB, Penn State

As a Fins fan this truly hurts to see Maybin go to the Pats, but I just can’t see Belichick passing on this kind of talent late in the 1st Round if he’s there. Maybin will learn the system under proven vets and be the next star on defense for the Pats.

#24 – Atlanta Falcons – Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi

Oddly enough it is difficult to identify one gigantic need for the suddenly soaring Falcons. If there is one though it’s at DT and Jerry is the man for the dirty birds.

#25 – Miami Dolphins – Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest

Like the Patriots, nobody knows who Parcells and Ireland have targeted here or anywhere for that matter. Larry English is a strong possibility but in the end Smith is too hard to pass on with his talent and the Dolphins need for a CB now that Goodman is gone.

#26 – Baltimore Ravens – Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia

The Ravens took a huge hit this off-season on the defensive side of the ball. They’ll need to pick wisely and take OLB Sintim with their first pick.

#27 – Indianapolis Colts – Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech

Defense continues to be a priority for the Colts. Manning & Co. will still put points up on the board without the aging Harrison and CB is a need in Indianapolis. Harris gets his number called at 27.

#28 – Philadelphia Eagles – William Moore, S, Missouri

Moore had a good pro day and is back in the 1st Round thanks to the Eagles. It seems the Eagles are the only team interested enough to take him this high but with Dawkins gone the spot needs to be filled, and Moore has shown he has the potential.

#29 – New York Giants – Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

With all of the drama surrounding Plaxico Burress, the Giants need to improve at WR. Long term Burress will not be around. Nicks is the last of 1st Round talent at WR to go.

#30 – Tennessee Titans – D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt 

After just missing out on the top crop of WR’s, the Titans turn their attention to a lesser need and take D.J. Moore who will step in as their #2 corner behind Finnegan.

#31 – Arizona Cardinals – Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State

The Cards do well to get Wells here. After retaining Warner it’s time to get back to business in their quest for a Super Bowl. This is a great late round pick for the Cards.

#32 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Herman Johnson, OG, LSU

The Steelers need to fill the gap that appeared when Alan Faneca left town. Originally I had Duke Robinson here but I think Johnson has passed him on most draft boards and will be drafted at the tail end of the 1st Round.