Henne being Investigated


Due to Chad Henne’s contact with new OC Brian Daboll at a golf tournament in the off-season, he

is now under investigation by the NFL.  He potentially violated part of the NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement which calls for certain, “dead” periods where there is no contact or work assignments for players at all.

The story is being reported on WIOD Sports and making it’s way across the news lines now.  But this was basically a dumb move by Henne who, more than anything, wants to stay involved and be a part of the team and the starting QB for the coming season.  He had commented earlier that he was in communication and looking at a new offensive scheme.

Of course, given Tony Sparano’s recent expression on the subject of offense it is up for debate if the moniker of, “new” could actually be used for what is basically the same-old run-first philosophy.  Vince Lombardi had lots of success with that scheme, you may recall.

Henne may face disciplinary action as a result of the meeting with Daboll but in my opinion this one will be investigated and he’ll get a slap on the wrist.  After all, this is nothing compared to the snail-velocity negotiating being done to try and save the NFL season.

Here’s a question to ponder: what happens if the NFL is not able to hold it’s annual draft in April due to the situation with (what was formerly known as) the NFL Players Union?  If there is no draft, then what will be the plan to bring in or not bring in any rookie players?

This just in: do we start referring to it as the, “The Organization Formerly Known As The NFLPA” or TOFKATNFLPA?

Anyway, the teams that stay together and realize that eventually there will be some agreement and the season at some point is going to continue.

Who will the Dolphins draft if they have a draft?  Well they definitely need to resolve anything associated with Offensive Firepower and especially, Quarterback.  My contention is that Chad Henne can probably do the job if he’s coached correctly and learns to read defenses, etc.  But he should get challenged for the starting job.  Some have speculated that the Fins will draft Ryan Mallet or perhaps hope for Cam Newton.  I think it’s more likely that they will trade down and then attempt to pick up Colin Kaepernick from Nevada.  Here is some feed on this guy:


The website is nfldraftscout.com and the guy looks pretty good….  And of course if we also could add Carson Palmer into the mix who knows?