Wednesdays’ Miami Dolphins Continuing Coverage: Kyle Orton, Ahmad Bradshaw


Good morning, this will serve as our continuing coverage of today’s news, notes, and rumors for the Miami Dolphins.  Simply check back often and I will keep this running post updated throughout the day.  The top news, breaking news or rumors, will be at the top of this page.  The older news will be on page two.  Don’t forget to scroll our main front page for more information and articles.  Have a great day and keep it right here!

Well folks, that’s a wrap for me this afternoon.  Will keep an eye on things throughout the night.

Bradshaw deal falling through?  John Clayton reports Dolphins back to talking shop with Ronnie Brown

Ben Volin has broached the topic of a straight up Dlinemen for Kyle Orton….hmmm, I would do that.

As expected, the Miami Dolphins have put a muzzle on players, team staff, and agents so they can maintain complete silence.

Olindo Mare...remember him?  Signs a 4 year 12 mill deal with the Panthers with a 4 mill signing bonus.

John Clayton is reporting that the Dolphins are considering re-signing Ronnie Brown.  It has also been rumored that the Dolphins are still interested in Marion Barber as well.

HOT BREAKING NEWS:  According to NFL Network, Ahmad Bradshaw closing in on becoming a Miami Dolphin

DeAngelo Williams signs 5 year 43 million contract with 21 guaranteed to stay in Carolina.

NFL Network reporting that trade of Orton to Miami could be done within the next 6 hours.

Read my latest article on why I believe Miami is the only team looking at Kyle Orton.  Also read my last article on why Orton would be good in Miami.  Also read Mike Rosenblooms article on Kyle Orton as well by clicking here.

Tony McDaniel deal is 2 years 3 million a season.

BREAKING MIAMI DOLPHINS NEWS:  The Dolphins have agreed to terms with team FA DE Tony McDaniel on a multi-year deal.


"Word is that Kolb to AZ talk is heating up.  Orton talk with Miami heating up.  Miami and AZ only two teams left looking for starters to challenge their current QB’s.  I hear that the price for Kolb is a 2nd and Cromartie, Orton sounds like it will be a 3rd.  Can’t confirm yet."

HOT NEWS:  Kyle Orton – Jeff Ireland talking contract.  Deal for Orton Close?

Looks like Ahmad Bradshaw is staying in NY.  Report said deal was close.

Holmes’ deal with NY is around 50 mill.  Crazy!  They still are looking at Asomugha as well.

Mike Dee was on ESPN radio last night.  Read between the lines and maybe Sparano and Ireland are not safe with their extensions.

"“Well, I think we’re all accountable to winning,” Dee told ESPN 760’s Jeremy Marks-Peltz. “This is a season that is important for all of us. Not just for Jeff and Tony, but for the franchise.”"

Dolphins trying to work out a deal to keep Tony McDaniel.  Free agency has started and the Phins are really keeping a close eye on their ‘depth’.

Chalk this up to funny.  Some media circles in Minnesota say that Donovan McNabb was the back-up plan if the team lost out on Tyler Thigpen.  He signed with the Bills.  Who would have put those two in that order?  Rick Spielman of course.

 Hearing that Orton will not restructure his contract to stay as a back-up to Tebow.  Could be the nail in the Denver trade asking price.

Santonio Holmes has re-signed with the Jets.

Very good article on the Sun-Sentinel about trading for QB’s.

McNabb agrees to Vikings trade.

Mike Lombardi is saying that Nmandi Asomugha and the Jets are very serious and not just informal talks.  Where the hell are the Jets getting that cap space from?

Denver Post reports that Broncos could be against the proverbial wall with Kyle Orton.  Az and Miami only teams serious about adding QB VIA trade and Kolb still high on AZ.  Miami needs to hold the line and let Denver drop their demands…he WILL be released if not traded.

Are you prepping your Fantasy teams yet?  Check out for their 2011 rankings.

The Dolphins are showing interest in Dallas runner Marion Barber…surprise suprise.

The Denver Broncos are making a push for Willis McGahee.

The Denver Broncos want to trade Kyle Orton but the list of teams needing a QB has slipped to Arizona and Miami.  AZ expected to trade for Kevin Kolb.  This could drop the Denver demand.  Orton will cost 9 mill to Denver’s cap.

OLB Justin Trusnik will sign with the Dolphins on Friday as their first FA of 2011.  He formerly played for the Browns.

Matt Hasselbeck has signed with the Tennessee Titans and Donovan McNabb is going to the Vikings.

Tyler Thigpen signs 3 year deal with Buffalo late Tuesday night.