Miami Dolphins First Practice Updates


This will be a running update page for the next hour or so as the Miami Dolphins conduct their first practice.  So please check back often.

Marlon Moore walked off practice field with what looked like cramps.

Why does mainstream media get excited about un-drafted free agents running on day 1?  Don’t get it.  Put on the pads, take some hits and show me what you got when the guy lining up across from you wants to knock your head off…see pre-season games do matter.

Omar Kelly says that still a chance Miami trades for Orton if they sign Moore…I don’t see that at all.  He says Denver loses a lot negotiating power.  Maybe they sign Moore, trade for Orton and cut Henne.  Who knows.

Willis McGahee signed a three year deal with the Broncos.  7.7 mill with 3 mill guaranteed.  Figure that should add some comparison numbers to Bush for ya!

First day of TC, QB’s not looking good…in NE, Ryan Mallet has unseated Tom Brady… I’m kidding.

Kory Sheets can not practice with the team until Aug. 4th.  Rest. FA not signed

Charles Clay just roasted Quinton Spears in one-on-ones. I’m now paying attention – from Omar Kelly.  My thoughts?  Who the hell is Quinton Spears?  Tell me Clay is roasting Karlos Dansby and I might be a bit more impressed…:)

Matt Moore makes complete sense now…Moore entered the NFL in 2007 with Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano while they were in Dallas.

Jake Long not practicing.  Marlon Moore and Chad Henne connected on an in-stride pass.  Keep an eye on what Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel says about Chad Henne over the next few weeks.  He seems to deplore Henne so if Henne is looking good, you will know it.

Reggie Bush is at the Dolphins facility watching the running backs practice.  He is not allowed to participate until August 4th.  Which is next Thursday.  Also, Daniel Thomas, Mike Pouncey, and Edmond Gates are all not at the facility…they have signed yet.

Kory Sheets, Lousaka Polite, and Lex Hilliard are the runners.  Henne and Brandstater along with Devlin are the QB’s.  It also appears that the Matt Moore rumors are true and that Miami will add Moore to the team officially soon.  Likely ending ALL Kyle Orton trade talk.