Cutting the Manning Field: Part 1


According to Sources of Adam Schefter, Peyton Manning wants to be signed before the beginning of Free Agency, which only leaves a 5 day window for him to choose. It seems every team in the NFL is cuddling up to Payton so we will look at every team and make our cuts from there.

Still In: Everyone

Marshall Faulk and Adam Schefter have brought up something of great importance; Payton Manning will sign with the AFC. Manning is familiar with the AFC, and the reason why Eli went to the Giants, was partially because his family wants to see a Manning vs. Manning Super Bowl. Normally I would say that was ridicules, but can you believe it; the next Super Bowl will be in New Orleans, where Archie Manning played. I wouldn’t call it destiny that Manning would have a shot to play Manning in Daddy Manning’s Stadium, but I do know someone who would call it that; Manning.

Still In: AFC

Peyton Manning does like money, but his character has always come first. His loyalty and passion has always driven him to success and just because he left Indianapolis doesn’t mean his character stayed there. If I know one thing about Loyal Players it would be, they never would kick out an established, proclaimed starter. This came about by the NFL Award show the day before the Super Bowl. Every Player talked about their fellow players and their respect for each other. Taking another person’s job is very cold, and Manning knows this. Ladainian Tomlinson came out and said “If the Jets got Manning, Sanchez would ask to be released.” This is the type of thing Manning wouldn’t want to be known for or want to do to a fellow player especially since there are other teams in need or a Quarterback. Some first year’s starters wouldn’t mind sitting a few years to manning, so they will stay in

Note: For all you Broncos fans, there is no way Manning would be the guy to take Tebow out of Denver, sorry. Just get a new Offensive Coordinator and you will be alright.

Still In: Kansas City, Jacksonville, Miami, and Cleveland.

In Part 2 we will be getting more in depth in these 4 teams and their chances of landing Peyton Manning.