Dolphins Needs Not Filled


Here is a simple look at what the Dolphins needs are vs. what they have managed to fill so far in free agency along with a quick look at who is still available if they want to try and you know, actually fill some of their needs.

QB:  Need?  YES – Filled?  NO.  Options – Manning is out, Flynn is still there, Alex Smith has interviewed, and now there is word that tomorrow the team will host former Jaguar David Garrard.

WR:  Need?  Not until start of free agency.  Filled?  No.  The Dolphins had a minor need for a number 2 WR entering free agency, the trade of Brandon Marshall leaves a rather gaping hole at the number 1 slot to say nothing about the number 2 slot.  Options:  Brandon Lloyd signed with the Pats, Manningham with the Rams, Robinson with the Jaguars, Jackson with Tampa, and everyone else with Washington.  Ted Ginn is still available.  Seriously, that’s about it.  You could trade Pittsburgh your number 1 for Mike Wallace.

RB:  Need?  No.  Filled?  Yes, the Dolphins let Lex Hilliard go to free agency but they resigned Steve Slaton.  Excited yet?

RG:  Need?  YES.  Filled?  No.  The Dolphins let Eric Winston out of Miami without a contract.  He signed a doable deal with KC.  4 years 22 mill.  Options:  Chilo Rachal.  Who?  Yea, I said the same thing.

RT:  Need?  Yes.  Filled?  Depends on if signing Artis Hicks from Cleveland who is supposedly worse than Marc Colombo is filling a hole.  His versatility stats say he can play both guard and tackle.  So in Miami he can fail at two positions.  Options:  Vernon Carey, Demetrius Bell, Marcus McNeill, some other dude…but hey we signed Hicks!

DT:  Need?  Yes.  Filled?  Yes.  The Dolphins re-signed NT Paul Solia to play DT in their new 43 system.

DE/OLB:  Need?  Yes.  Filled?  No.  The Dolphins have hosted one OLB, Mark Anderson, but did not offer him a contract.  Options:  Koa Misi?  I don’t know.  There are some FA linebackers out there but they don’t blow your excitement level up and frankly, I don’t know which ones are suited better in a 34 or 43 or for that matter who plays inside or out.

CB:  Need?  No.  Filled?  Yes.  The Dolphins signed Richard Marshall who can play free safety.  The team says he will play cornerback.  Options:  There are none, it wasn’t a need.

S:  Need?  Yes.  Filled?  No.  While the Phins signed the aforementioned Marshall, they are going to play him at CB.  Options:  Reggie Nelson.

All in all, I would have to say that a lot of season tickets are not being sold today.  Winning will put fans into the seats but you have to give them the perception that you are at least trying.