Miami Dolphins: One of you guys messed with Jeff Ireland’s Wikipedia page


So in case you didn’t know, the Miami Dolphins have managed to royally mess up any chance of getting a legitimate starting QB in the offseason. As we’ve noted here at Phin Phanatic, Tim Tebow does not count. You can put this entire fiasco on Jeff Ireland, our belovedly incompetent general manager who has only managed to sign Dallas Cowboys retreads and rejects.

And many of you already have, with one brave soul ensuring everyone knows just how terrible of a GM Ireland really is via Ireland’s Wikipedia entry (click to enlarge):

This is one of those “LOL” moments because, let’s be honest, half of this stuff is true while 80 percent of it is hilarious. I mean, September 7, 2010, as  “The Day the Miami Dolphins Franchise Was Prevented From Ever Being Successful Again” is painfully (and somewhat humorously) accurate.

But this is a product of frustrated Dolphins’ fans who have done nothing but cheer for a mediocre team since Dan Marino left 56 years ago. And it’s gotten worse, since Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross has somehow managed to alienate a dedicated, large market fan base by putting money first and wins second. (Of course, you’d think he’d realize by now that winning leads to more money, but Jeff Ireland forgot to let him know.)

The edited Wikipedia page has been reverted back to its much-more-diplomatic version, which surprisingly is still scathing.

Of course, there’s still time for Jeff Ireland to right this ship. The offseason is far from over and the Dolphins’ biggest need — and one that’s eluded them for the past decade — is still totally attainable. Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill won’t fall into the Dolphins’ lap with the eighth pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, but he sure as hell is available if the Dolphins are willing to trade some assets.

Of course, with this front office, we’re not sure if our needs ever get filled.

And thus is the life of a Miami Dolphins’ fan. *cries*