Dolphins Fans In Full Draft Mode


The 2012 NFL Draft is only a short month away.  The frenzy that is the draft has already started.  While Indianapolis sits on the decision of Andrew Luck or RGIII, o.k. it’s Andrew Luck, the Redskins know they are getting one or the other and they are fine with that.  What happens after that however is anyone’s guess.  The only name on the QB tongues is Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill held his pro-day today following a dinner with a contingent of Dolphins reps last night that included Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin but not OC Mike Sherman.  Not that Sherman needs to see what Tannehill can do.  The media are all over this kid and it should be noted that while players have a tendency year after year to move up and down draft boards, the media also tends to give fans a false impression of what players are and are not doing.

Take for example Aaron Rodgers who was a top ten pick until he fell into the latter half of the first round.  Or for that matter you need to look no further than Brady Quinn and his epic fall.  The point is that teams use pro-day workouts to get a first hand glimpse of a kid they may or may not have interest in.  It’s all about poker this time of year.  Showing up to a PD gives an impression of interest when it could simply be a ruse to through off the scent of what they really want.  Ted Ginn, Jr. anyone?

Tannehill performed well today completing 56 of 59 passes with two drops by his WR’s and one overthrown ball.  These are controlled tests so a QB who has a poor day could damage himself a lot more than a QB who has an average day.  Tannehill had a good day.  He also ran the 40 yard dash and clocked in around the 4.58 mark.  A solid mark for a QB not named Robert….Griffin….The…..Third.  22 teams sent reps to see the workout including members of the Dolphins, Seahawks, Chiefs, and Browns.

Fans should be cautious though.  While the media will have you believe and other fans as well that Tannehill is in wild demand right now or a lock at number 8 for the Dolphins, reality is a different bird all together.  Sitting at number four is Cleveland who despite the rhetoric regarding them taking RT at four, the reality is that it’s very unlikely.  First, Tannehill is still a project and despite tremendous upside, he has only been a QB all of two years.

The Browns may take Tannehill at number four which if they do, good for them, it’s a reach.  If that happens, then the Dolphins move on and either trade down or take a pass rush specialist.  A position of major need on the team.  There are other QB’s in this draft that can be had later or the Dolphins could simply wait yet another year to see where the chips fall in next years bid for USC’s Matt Barkley.

While the Browns will likely go with a WR or RB, the Dolphins themselves may decide that at 8, Ryan Tannehill just isn’t worth the risk.  The team could opt to trade back and accumulate more picks or take another player who can step in and help the team win immediately.  Regardless fans are not going to be 100 percent thrilled with the results.  Some will cry Jeff Ireland blew it while others will say they never wanted Tannehill at that spot at all.

We can say one thing with complete certainty.  Free agency, while not officially over, is over in terms of water cooler talk.  Miami Dolphins fans are in full draft mode now and it’s going to get crazier as the draft draws closer.