Week 3 Prediction: Miami Dolphins/New York Jets


Sept 16 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) breaks a tackle by Oakland Raiders cornerback Shawntae Spencer (36) for a touchdown in the third quarter at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

If you have been reading my posts, I expected a win against the Oakland Raiders and I believe the Miami Dolphins have an opportunity to win their next nine games, “A Winning Streak for the Miami Dolphins?”   Tomorrow, the New York Jets are favored to beat the Dolphins in Miami.  Even though the Las Vegas line is only one point, it is a head-scratcher.  I’m thinking a lot of New York homers are influencing that line.


The Jets defeated the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, 48-28.  While there were two non-offensive touchdowns in the total, 34 points is astronomical, for, arguably, the worst offense in the league.  The Jets will likely not score 34 offensive points again this year.  This was a combination of a perfect storm for the New York offense and a bad Bills defense.  The Bills will be bad again this year.  I don’t care about C.J. Spiller and Mario Williams.  Luckily for the Dolphins, we play both teams twice, “Miami Dolphins Are Stronger Than Jets and Bills.”


I have been harping on this for a while and I’m not stopping.  Mark Sanchez is among the worst NFL starters and Tim Tebow is not much better.  Sanchez owns a career QB rating in the low 70s after three seasons and two games.  There is no precedent for an NFL quarterback to be horrible for three seasons and then become a star.  Sanchez’ week one performance was a bizarro-world aberration.  His QB rating of 66 in Week 2 is more in line with the type of performances he will produce.  Yes, Sanchez has been in two AFC championship games but it was DESPITE his performance.  Sanchez’ rating was 63.0 for his rookie season.  That is pathetic.  It is ridiculous to claim that he led the Jets to a successful 2009 campaign.  He was just there for the ride.

Shonn Greene is an average to subpar NFL running back.  There is no one worth mentioning after Greene in the Jets backfield.  If Darren McFadden was bottled up by the Dolphins, Greene can expect to do very little.

The Jets offensive line has two clear weaknesses, left guard and right tackle.  2010 second-round selection, Vladimir Ducasse, was given every chance to unseat left guard Matt Slauson, as, despite Slauson’s toughness, New York was not satisfied with the production they were getting at that position.  Slauson managed to win the battle again, as neither player is very good.  Jeff Ireland is not the only general manager that can waste second-round selections.  Austin Howard is an undrafted project at right guard, who makes every PhinPhanatic appreciate our right tackle, Jonathan Martin.  Although not perfect, the rest of the Jets’ offensive line is solid, making this the team’s strength on offense.

After Santonio Holmes, the Jets have plenty of question marks when it comes to their receivers.  Rookie Stephen Hill may be the answer opposite Holmes but, despite a great Week 1 performance, it is too early to tell.  Nonetheless, if you are a Jets fan, there is no way you can make fun of the Dolphins’ pass-catching situation.

At tight end, the Jets offer little past the injured Dustin Keller.

Looking at the complete picture, the Jets have horrible quarterbacks, a horrible offensive backfield, a weak receiving group, no tight end depth, and an average offensive line.  This points toward a disastrous season.  The Jets make the Dolphins look like Green Bay South.


While many in the national media, would agree that the Jets have a poor offense, their defense is always given more credit than deserved.  They have, arguably, the best cornerback in the league, Darrelle Revis, and another good corner in Antonio Cromartie.  Can anyone, who is not a Jet fan, name anyone else on that defense?  Dolphin fans will tell you Yeremiah Bell.  Miami fans know too well that Bell is good versus the run but terrible versus the pass.  The Jets other safety is experiment, LaRon Landry, who may never return to his past glory due to injuries.  The Jets front seven was consistently beat by Spiller in Week 1 and the Revis-less secondary was destroyed in Week 2.

While the secondary, made mistakes against the Raiders, and the defensive line missed some sack opportunities, the Dolphin defense was solid in Week 2.  The Dolphin defense was not bad against the Texans either, they just could not overcome four turnovers.

All and all, we have defenses headed in opposite directions.


I believe the Dolphins will defeat the Jets, 28-10.  The weak Jets offense will be shut down and Reggie Bush will have another fine afternoon.  Despite the presence of Revis, breakdowns by the Jets secondary will allow Ryan Tannehill to make some big plays through the air.

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