Little Known About Dolphins Or Interests


May 22, 2012; Davie, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins defensive back Sean Smith (24) during organized team activities at the Dolphins training facility. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have a locked down facility these days and after the “memo” from the NFL on Friday, it’s likely nothing is going to come out of the facility that is real.  Sorry Armando.

The truth is this new “hush-hush” letter to the teams has them pinned down in a bunker awaiting for Tuesday’s real start to free agency.  While teams won’t talk about who they are, you know talking too, there is no reason for teams not to say who they might want to talk to come Tuesday.  At least not until another memo.

This morning the above mentioned beater wrote that the New England Patriots were going to take a look at Mike Wallace.  Wallace would have to take less money to join the cap strapped Patriots who are facing some departures of their own.  Still, leave it to New England to at least try and drive up the price for Miami.

The Sean Smith saga took an interesting turn this morning that had some fans wanting the Phins to complain to the NFL.  It was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs were talking with Smith about a deal.  Which is fine, they are allowed…today, but Vontae’ Davis tweeted the two sides had talked over a week ago.  A short while ago the Chiefs, who today signed Dunta Robinson, told a source that the Chiefs are not longer interested because frankly they can’t afford Smith, Robinson, and Brandon Flowers.  Sean Smith has almost no chance of returning to Miami.

That is not exactly the case for Jake Long.  Several in the media are reporting that Long is not getting the immediate phone calls he and his agent expected which could be the reason for the doctors clearing message that Long is good to go.  Another report surfaced that Long and his wife want to stay in Miami.  Long has never said he wanted out of Miami but that it was in the Dolphins court as to whether he would stay or go.  Apparently his 12 plus million a year asking price has turned off teams.  He may be looking at an 8-9 million a year deal with back loaded incentives.  If the price drops, Long could indeed stay in Miami.

We do know of one player that would like to join the Dolphins.  NY Giants TE Martellus Bennett “tweeted” early that he recruited Ryan Tannehill to A&M and would like to join him in Miami.   Bennett was underutilized in New York and never developed enough in Dallas like he was expected however he does possess seam ability and may be the best blocking TE option in free agency.

Another rumor this AM is that the Dolphins have reached out to Rams WR Brandon Gibson.  Gibson is not an answer on the outside and really is no more than a 4th WR.  Not sure what kind of truth is behind this one.

The Matt Moore re-sign was a solid move for the Dolphins but across the NFL landscape this years QB free agents is one of the worst in maybe a decade.  Bryan Hoyer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Tyler Thigpen could be the top available QB’s in free agency this year.  Moore was the top rated impending free agent at his position after the Alex Smith trade to KC which as you know won’t be announced until Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.