Dolphins Get Not Mention In HOF Speeches


Aug 2, 2013; Canton, OH, USA; Enshrinees at the 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinees Gold Jacket Dinner at the Canton Memorial Civic Center. From left: Warren Sapp and Dave Robinson and Bill Parcells and Jonathan Ogden and Curley Culp and Cris Carter and Larry Allen. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have put two new faces in the Hall of Fame.  Well not really.  Bill Parcells came and took the owners money and bailed before he really did anything and Chris Carter spent about four games here one season.  The history books will show that both of these men once were linked to the Miami Dolphins but during last nights HOF induction speeches, neither mentioned their South Florida association.

When it comes to Chris Carter the Dolphins really shouldn’t feel too bad.  After all Carter mentioned Lynn Swann in his speech but made zero mention of any single player he played with in Minnesota.  Nor his coaches.  Nor any of the QB’s who threw the ball to him to get the receptions needed to get into the Hall of Fame.  He did however thank Buddy Ryan for releasing him from the Eagles after being a supplemental draft selection.  Carter cited Ryan as the reason he was able to turn his life around from alcohol addiction.

Still lost in that speech was no mention of the QB’s.   Not even Warren Moon.  He did however thank his broadcasting partners for getting him through the last seven years of  not being elected into the shrine.  So Dolphins fans hoping for a quick shout-out never got one.  And that is o.k.

Bill Parcells spent his time talking about his coaching legacy and nothing more.  That’s probably a good thing.  As a GM or at least as the “grocery shopper” he totally bombed.  Not just in Miami but in Dallas too where he had a lot of input.  Parcells’ speech revolved around family, friends, and his N.Y. Giants teams that got him in the HOF.  So no mention of his quick trip stay in Miami as the “Czar” was not unexpected especially considering his ESPN ‘life’ story didn’t even include the franchise.

While not a member of the Miami Dolphins, it’s funny that the one BIG EGO elected to the HOF this year, Warren Sapp, appeared to be the most genuinely humbled and reserved.  Apparently someone spiked his drinks with tranquilizers.