Dolphins’ Beat Writers Run Backwards Fast


Before I get into my laughing fit of watching the local Miami Dolphins beat writers run as fast as they can backwards from the Dolphins involvement in this whole she said (Martin), he said (Incognito) garbage I want to issue an apology.

Yesterday I wrote a scathing article on the rumor of Jonathan Martin being treated for PTSD.  It was insensitive to say the least.  Not to Martin as I still believe that IF that is in fact what his camp is saying then I truly do not buy it one bit.  No, I’m sorry for basing my article on hearsay and rumor first and foremost and secondly for my comments having any bad reflection on those suffering from the disorder who have indeed developed this issue due to serious bullying in work places.

Today, the Miami Herald is pulling back the punches they have been throwing out there and I have to laugh.  The Miami Dolphins now reportedly had nothing to do with the “Code Red toughen up Martin” accusation that several local papers reported including the Miami Herald.  They are also now reporting through their “sources” within the organization that none of the coaches or management had any knowledge of Martin’s issues prior to him leaving the facility.  In addition they say that Ireland’s “Punch Incognito” comment was taken out of context as he only “asked Martin why he hadn’t confronted Incognito or only punched him”.  – Armando Salugero, Miami Herald.

But if Jeff Ireland told Martin anything would that not mean they knew about it?  Or was this knowledge brought to Ireland only a day or so before Martin pitched a fit?  Like the licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop…the world may never know.

To put this in plain context for you…this is blatantly bad journalism with ZERO integrity.  To be fair my article yesterday was a knee jerk emotional reaction due in part to my brother serving abroad in dangerous conditions as opposed to a 300 pound lineman who got his feelings hurt.  Unlike the newspapers though, I have the dignity to apologize and recognize my article/reporting was wrong.

A few days ago I wrote that the media really has a lot to do with this messed up season that really has gone downhill in the last three weeks.  The Dolphins have been flooded with bad press at every angle and let’s face the one glaring fact in all of this.  Martin himself has said nothing and everything else was based on one voice mail from seven months ago.  What has all this publicity done for the team?  Nothing except make them out to be the worst organization in the world.

The Dolphins are staring at a likely lawsuit from Jonathan Martin and a grievance from Richie Incognito but the Herald now is reporting that the Dolphins themselves are more than confident that they will be exonerated one the investigation has come to it’s conclusion which will inevitably, if it is clean, bring one opinion to the surface.  The Dolphins told their players and management what to say.  You know that will be what comes out of a dead investigation.

Jonathan Martin who is supposed to be cooped up dealing with mental insecurities found time to fly to New York to meet with the investigator, Wells.  He was shown on video this morning in a suit and tie wearing a smile.  Glad he finds this enjoyable.

An organization has been derailed by this and if it’s not true then media both locally and nationally need to apologize to this organization and it’s owner Stephen Ross.  Unfortunately none of them will.  Not publicly, not personally, not at all.  They jumped on a story that had no real facts and reported the words of a few as facts.  Instead, they will just wait for the next opportunity to come up and jump once again at the chance to be first.

Even with this knowledge and an opportunity to pull back a little, Salguero still couldn’t help take a jab at the organization that should ban him from the locker room.  Instead of using this as an opportunity to either just be quiet or at the very least admit that they might actually have been wrong, Salguero instead points to the negatives that he and his peers helped create.  He says that staff on the team no feel better about their job futures.  Then goes on to say that despite the accusations by Martin the fact that no one knew about it, from the HC, to the OC, to the GM, and even the equipment guys and trainers, isn’t something that exonerates the team, but only shows a larger problem of a big disconnect between the players and the staff.

Bad journalism at it’s best.