Miami Dolphin’s OTAs: What To Expect

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The Front Five

The Dolphin’s offensive line gained new personnel in the offseason following the firing of offensive line coach Jim Turner following his involvement in the Incognito-Martin bullying scandal.  With this firing, John Benton was promoted to offensive line coach for the Dolphins, capping a new era of the Dolphin’s offensive line.

The Miami Dolphin’s offensive line, which was most notable for their bullying scandal and allowing the most sacks in the NFL, is totally revamped heading into OTAs, and we already have an idea at who is playing where.

As expected, newly acquired offensive tackle Brandon Albert started at left tackle, alongside a surprising Dallas Thomas at the left guard.  Dallas Thomas, who is entering his second year with the Dolphins, out of the University of Tennessee, looks to make an impact on the offensive front, creating time and space for the Dolphin’s backfield.

From the right side of the line, rookie Ja’Waun James lined up at right tackle, alongside former St. Louis Ram’s offensive guard Shelley Smith. Smith, who is entering his 6th year in the NFL, started only two games with the Rams last season, yet lined up at the right guard spot in practice on Monday.  Lastly, lining up at center is Mike Pouncey, who made headlines on Monday by saying he did not plan to seek a medical professional for his involvement in the bullying scandal. You can read more on that headline here.

Although these are some of the expectations following day one, we may see changes to the depth chart as we progress.

What expectations do you have heading into OTAs?

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