Miami Dolphins Top Players: Defense

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Earlier we looked at the Miami Dolphins offensive side and now we switch to the defensive side of the ball as we look at the top player at each position heading into the 2015 season. The choices are subjective because they are my opinion and I welcome your thoughts and comments as well.

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Defensive Line

Ndamukong Suh is not simply the highest paid Miami Dolphin player or the highest paid defensive player, he is the Miami Dolphins defense. The Dolphins need to rely on Suh and Suh needs to come through in a big way. A Pro-Bowl caliber way. With Cameron Wake lining up just outside of him, the duo should easily give opposing offensive lines major problems but that is not why Suh is the top guy along the defensive line. It’s what he can do for everyone else.

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  • A lot has been made about Suh elevating the play of those around him and that is something to watch along the front line. Earl Mitchell will line up next to him on the inside while rookie Jordan Phillips will see plenty of reps as well. From fellow defensive lineman to the linebackers, Suh’s presence creates a logistical nightmare for offenses who don’t have the number of blockers to double up both he and Wake. It means that many times the Dolphins will see opposing running backs staying in to help with pass protection with two blockers on Suh or Wake, Mitchell and Olivier Vernon should always see single blockers in front of them.