Miami Dolphins AFC East week 13 round-up

fans dry the painted field at Hard Rock Stadium ahead of a Dolphins game: Image by Brian Miller
fans dry the painted field at Hard Rock Stadium ahead of a Dolphins game: Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins laid a big egg last Sunday and the New England Patriots didn’t. The loss puts the Dolphins three games back of New England now for the division.

New England Patriots 10-2

Barring an absolute free fall the Patriots will win the AFC East for the 14th time in 16 years. Last Sunday the Patriots easily took care of business against the Los Angeles Rams. This week the Patriots will face the Baltimore Ravens and it’s highly doubtful that the have the same results as Miami did.

Miami Dolphins – 7-5

The Dolphins were in control of their own destiny but once again the Ravens put a stop to that. Now Miami is going to need help and beat a good but poorly playing Cardinals team. Back to back “bird” games.

Miami can not afford to lose another game and even then it may not help their cause by simply winning. The loss to the Ravens could have a huge impact on whether the Dolphins make the post-season even if they win out.

Buffalo Bills – 6-6

The Bills have been a huge disappointment this season for Buffalo, not that Dolphins fans are complaining. Still they were hanging around the post-season hunt until last weekend. A strong early showing against the Raiders went downhill in the 4th quarter.

The Bills have no chance of winning the division and very little chance of winning a wild-card spot but they are in line to spoil the chances for other teams, especially the Dolphins.

New York Jets – 3-9

As a Dolphins fan I’m not sure what is more enjoyable, watching the Jets season sink to new lows or knowing they will inevitably waste the top five draft pick they will receive at season’s end. Last week the Jets did indeed hit an all-time low but they got the last word in as they managed to knock me out of playoff contention in one of my fantasy leagues.

The Jets are a horrible team right now and were embarrassed by the Colts on Monday Night Football to the tune of 41-10. The only thing the Jets are playing for now is pride, a top five draft pick, and the hopes of knocking Miami out of the playoffs in two weeks on Saturday night.