Jason Taylor was not a fan of Cam Cameron


As the Miami Dolphins and their fan base enjoy the memories of the 2016 season and the turnaround made by Adam Gase, Jason Taylor reminds us of his miserable 2007 season.

Jason Taylor will know in less than 48 hours if he will be a member of this years Hall of Fame class. Voting will take place on Saturday a day before the Super Bowl. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has been preparing the presentation to the voters on Taylor’s behalf.

Salguero published, what can honestly be called his best work, an article about Jason Taylor. A day spent with Taylor at that. There is a lot of great information about Taylor’s life after football and it’s a very solid read for a man who could become a first ballot Hall of Fame player.

For all the work done through the Jason Taylor Foundation and his new job of raising three kids full-time, one episode from his playing career doesn’t carry fond memories. That would be the singular season of Cam Cameron.

"“Cam was an idiot,” Taylor says. “I have no idea how he got the job. I’ve never been around a more incompetent head coach than Cam Cameron. I’m talking youth football, college. It was unbelievable."

Taylor was very candid when talking with the Miami Herald contingent about his feelings for the coach who would lead Miami to their worst season in franchise history.  While he loved Jimmy Johnson and liked Dave Wannstedt and even Nick Saban, he loathed Cameron.

"“Everything we did, he had to have a problem with. That was his way of being the biggest voice in the room. If I talked or Zach talked in a team meeting or after practice, he would always need to have the last word.“It was the weirdest thing. We’d all look at each other because he would repeat something one of the players already said. That dude lost me first day of training camp. Even at minicamp, I’m wondering what are we doing?”"

It’s really the first time since then that a player or ex-player has honestly spoke out against Cameron. There was always visual evidence that the coach didn’t have his teams respect but no one really took the time to talk about it. Until now.

Taylor made it very clear that he and the rest of the team were in trouble from the start. He told Salguero that at a season beginning lunch with Zach Thomas that Thomas looked at Taylor and said, “you know were screwed”. Taylor agreed.

Cameron of course was a one and done head coach and his awful season in 2007 never led to another shot. A year later Taylor would be traded to the Washington Redskins. It’s a period of time in a HOF career that wasn’t part of the best memories.

Tomorrow Taylor and his family will learn if he gets in this year or if he will need to wait a little longer. The field of nominees is solid and the voting will not be easy.