Top 10 NFL players that have dominated the Miami Dolphins

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Over the years, many players have been a thorn in the side of the Miami Dolphins.

What constitutes a “Dolphins killer”?  It’s a player that has either made a single play of major significance in the team’s history or a sustained level of success versus the Miami Dolphins over time.

Honorable Mentions

Over the course of his career, Matt Schaub was the definition of an “average quarterback.  His career record was 47 wins compared to 46 losses.  However, when he put on a Houston Texans jersey he became the bane of the Dolphins’ existence.  In six seasons, he faced the Dolphins five times; all five resulting in Texans victories.

As a member of the “New York Sack Exchange”, Mark Gastineau wreaked havoc on the Dolphins through much of the 1980s.  He officially racked up 7.5 sacks against the Dolphins.  However, it must be noted that Gastineau entered the league in 1979, and “sacks” didn’t become an official statistic till 1982.

John Abraham faced the Dolphins 10 times and racked up 9 sacks in those games (9 games with the Jets and 1 with Atlanta).  By themselves, those numbers don’t necessarily make him worthy of being mentioned.  However, a closer look reveals that in games that Abraham had a sack his team was 6-0.  In games where he didn’t sack the quarterback, his team was 1-3.

Finally, a special ‘shout out’ goes to Johnny Robinson for totaling 7 interceptions in 5 games, all wins, versus the Dolphins.  He didn’t make the top ten because those INTs came between 1967-69 when Kansas City was the powerhouse of the AFL and the Dolphins were the lowly expansion team in the league.

Now get ready for the players that made the top 10 biggest impacts against the Dolphins

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