Miami Dolphins officially announce that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter

Miami Dolphins officially announce that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter.

Is announcing your starting quarterback breaking news? Maybe but for the Miami Dolphins, there is nothing surprising about Fitzpatrick getting the nod.

Brian Flores spoke with the media this morning as did other coaches. Somewhere in all that chatter came the news that Tua Tagovailoa would be riding the early pine as the season begins. But fear not Tagovailoa crazies, he could hit the field sooner rather than later.

Fitzpatrick is the captain of the offense and someone that is well respected by the players and coaches but he is also an injury away from a rookie taking over the team. Tagovailoa beat out Josh Rosen in training camp and earned the 2nd string role but fans want to know when he will take over the team.

Hopefully, not until late in the season if at all.

Tagovailoa is the Dolphins’ future and while he returned from his hip injury way ahead of schedule, there is no need to rush him onto the field. He needs to learn the speed, pace, and gameday intricacies of the NFL before he steps into a starring role.

That time will come for certain. Many speculate that he could take over the team after the bye week in the 2nd half of the season but that will be dependant on how the team is doing.

It would be fitting that 2020 may be Ryan Fitzpatrick’s last year as a starter in the NFL, maybe his last in the NFL period. He has never led a team to the post-season and never started a playoff game. The Dolphins are not in position to make a run at the playoffs but if things fall right, who knows and it would make for a fun storybook to see Fitzpatrick do it in his final years in the league.

For Dolphins fans, however, if the playoffs are not a possibility, it is all about seeing Tagovailoa.

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