Miami Dolphins best draft picks and worst from Tennessee

With 15 players drafted from the University of Tennessee, the Miami Dolphins have had plenty of chances to hit on players but they haven’t always found success from the SEC college.

Miami’s first pick from Tennessee came way back in 1966 when they drafted LB Frank Emanuel in round two. They would draft Bob Petrella that same year in round eight. Both players played until the early ’70s with Emanuel leaving in ’70 and Petrella in ’71.

From 1968 to 1974 the Dolphins drafted five players but only two players made the roster each playing only one season. In 1985, the Dolphins dipped back into the Tennessee well drafting Fuad Reveiz. The kicker, taken in round seven, spent 11 years in the NFL but only four with the Dolphins. He missed all of 1989 with an injury. He had a career 73.6% field goal success rate with the Dolphins.

In 1988, Miami drafted guard Harry Galbreath in round eight. He would play five of his nine NFL seasons with the Dolphins and started 75 of 78 games. Galbreath doesn’t get as much attention as other Dolphins lineman but he was consistent and did his job. Another Tennessee lineman, Shane Burton was drafted in the 5th round of the 1996 draft. He lasted only three seasons in Miami but played eight seasons in the league.

The Miami Dolphins haven’t had much success from Tennessee products.

Miami didn’t find much more success over the years after Galbreath. Jason Allen was a first-round pick of Nick Saban who was average at best. He played only four seasons for the Dolphins at safety and returned for part of a 5th. His career was seven seasons long in the NFL.

Ja’Wuan James was and isn’t considered a bust by any stretch. He could be considered the top player coming out of the school. James played well in Miami but the Dolphins didn’t want to re-sign him and let him sign with the Broncos following his rookie contract. James was only the 2nd player from Tennessee taken in the first round. Injuries have almost ended his career.

The two worst players, however, stand out far more than any of those who were at least good. Dallas Thomas was taken in round three and hasn’t played a down of football since 2016 but even he pales in comparison to the Dolphins’ 2003 second-round bust Eddie Moore. Moore wasn’t very good. He lasted only two seasons in the NFL.