Miami Dolphins Raekwon Davis wants to improve his pass rushing

Raekwon Davis had a pretty darn good rookie season but there is plenty for him to improve on in his 2nd season with the Miami Dolphins.

No one will forget the fist-pumping exuberant video of Brian Flores watching Davis get drafted in the 2020 draft. Clearly, Davis was someone he really wanted on his roster. Last year, Davis was good and his rookie season was productive but now, he wants to take another step forward.

When talking with the media on Friday, Davis made it very clear that he wants to improve his pass-rushing. When asked about what he wanted to “add” to his game, Davis replied, “Pass rushing. I feel like there is a lot of stuff I could’ve done more, but definitely pass rushing.”

He said that new defensive line coach Austin Clark is already working on pass-rushing techniques which should make Davis happy. Davis is really taking the pass-rushing upgrade to his game seriously. He said later in the interview that he works out with a strength trainer as he wants to slim down and be more effective in the pass-rushing game.

It seems that Davis really wants to become a force on the field. He calls himself a “power-guy” and hopes that by getting better with his rushing skills that he will earn more snap counts. This is a guy that is driven and it is becoming obvious why he impressed coach Flores.

Davis was asked if he was surprised by his rookie production and he perfectly responded with “I still feel it wasn’t a good season. It was alright.” This guy gets it.