The Miami Dolphins are in must win mode against the Jaguars

Oct 10, 2021; Tampa, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Ross Cockrell (43) defends Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle (17) catch during the second quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 10, 2021; Tampa, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Ross Cockrell (43) defends Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle (17) catch during the second quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

You really do hate to say that after barely a quarter of the season completed that the Miami Dolphins are in a position that if they don’t win their next game then the season is lost. But to me, that’s exactly where the Dolphins find themselves heading into week six.

I don’t think I’m breaking any new ground with this take. In case you were unaware, the Dolphins play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London at 9:30 AM on Sunday.

A win and the Dolphins can tell themselves that the schedule gets a little bit easier going forward and that they can turn this fart of a season around. A loss and everything we were told was being rebuilt nearly three years ago will start to crumble and collapse more than it appears it already has. My co-worker, James, did a lovely job explaining why Sunday is where the Dolphins need to kick-start their season, which you can read here.

The cascading events that I think will happen, based on zero sources because like I’ve said in the past I’m not a sources guy, if the Dolphins lose will send shockwaves through the organization. I apologize if I’m doing a The Day After Tomorrow thing where I give you a worst-case scenario in the case of a cataclysmic event. But a loss against a team that hasn’t won in 20 games has me thinking that things in South Beach can be irrevocably changed.

I wrote at the very end of my mostly positive vibes only blog from the other day that if the Dolphins lose to the Jaguars then I think a coach gets fired. Not Flores, perhaps the offensive line coach or a defensive coach. That will only be the beginning I’m afraid. You’ll start to hear reports from anonymous players saying that things are and have been toxic in the locker room for some time. Then I would expect to hear more NFL insiders and folks close to the team saying that Ross will be looking to clean house after the year. You’ll probably undoubtedly hear more of how Ross is banging the table for Deshaun Watson.

Naturally, that will lead to more talk about how Tua is not the guy and that the Dolphins pulled the ultimate Charlie Brown missing the football by not taking Herbert last year. That one isn’t going away any time soon folks, so you better have a Rolodex of lines to combat those assertions for the rest of your lives.

You might even hear stuff about how on the plane ride there was a shouting match between some players maybe with the coaching staff with how things have been handled.

I’m thinking the worst right now because a loss to a team whose coach is actively trying to figure out the best way to get fired, whose locker room is completely against him sounds and feels like the worst-case scenario for a team that had so much promise. Remember the days of watching players go down that big slide in their new facility? Those were good days.

The worst part of a loss against the Jaguars would be us the fans knowing that all the time we put into the off-season of convincing ourselves that this team, this coach has finally turned two decades of futility around was just a mirage. Everything we saw the last two years will be like false memories as if we got Inceptioned (not sure if that’s the way to write it or not but we’re going with it). Our season will be, essentially, over and we will find other avenues to get excited for Sundays that aren’t watching the Dolphins, intently, play games that mean anything. We’ll dabble in more fantasy football, wagering of live sports, and possibly even more family time all while telling ourselves that there should be all new people running the team come January.

But, I don’t think that will be the case. Not this week anyway. This is really going to annoy the please don’t guarantee ever again crowd due to me being incorrect about guaranteeing victory against the Colts. Turns out, these extremely fun never to be confused with well-adjusted life forms are 100% lifetime in calling the winners of games. Must be nice.

I predict the Dolphins to beat the Jaguars. Even with Howard and Parker not playing. I just think the Dolphins have more talent overall than Jacksonville. I also think that the Jaguars locker room is more toxic than the Dolphins at the moment. That matters.

Could I be wrong? Sure I can. I don’t have a crystal ball or the Eye of Agamotto to predict the future. But I’ll take the Dolphins this week. And if I’m wrong. Well, prepare for the worst. Enjoy the weekend of games.

By the Way- I just saved the day by rescuing my neighbor’s dog from entering traffic. I hopped my fence, shoeless I might add, and sprung into action as if I save dogs every day. Whatever you do, don’t congratulate me. I don’t do hero things for that-a-boys. I’m just a guy who answers the call when I hear it.