Miami Dolphins fans have endured a lot and this might be the worst

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 19: General manager Chris Grier and owner Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins look on before the game against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium on September 19, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 19: General manager Chris Grier and owner Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins look on before the game against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium on September 19, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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With how the Miami Dolphins handled this whole Deshaun Watson thing I think it is an apropos question that can really band us all together “Is right now the worst time to be a Miami Dolphin’s fan?”

I’ve been pondering this question for weeks and have even hinted at doing such an article for the same amount of time. We seemingly forever cursed Miami Dolphin fans have honestly been through a lot in terms of being a fan of a franchise and having to deal with utter and complete hot garbage nonsense.

The temporary culmination of the “will the Dolphins trade for Deshaun Watson or not” saga is like I prefaced this sentence with temporary over. The Dolphins decided against trading for Watson but we all know that just means that we’ll pick back up with this never-ending story in January.

I’ve made a list of the worst moments in Dolphin’s history since I started being a fan back in 1991. I’m sure there were some things that happened before then that were just as nonsensical and painful to go through while rooting for this outfit. But I honestly believe that because of social media and that sports started to be on all day starting around the late 80s with ESPN, that the moments I have here will resonate more.

Also, the fact that we as a society, in my opinion, take our sports allegiance more seriously and with a more unhealthy passion now than compared to folks in the 70s and 80s leads me to think that the worst moments of fandom have occurred during my time frame. Basically, people in the 70s and 80s were a bit more stable and well-adjusted back then or just simply didn’t have the means to show everyone themselves destroying their TVs in disgust after a loss.

One of the worst parts of this list is that when all of these moments happened we all collectively said, “why does this have to happen to my team?” and we told ourselves that things can’t possibly get worse than this only to be reminded of just how determined the Dolphins are at proving us wrong.

Maybe due to the prisoner of the moment type situation that I’m living in right now, but I think the handling of the Deshaun Watson situation is the rock bottom in being a Dolphin fan. The case for it is this; it started around March when Watson made it known he wanted out of Houston and everyone connected the dots in believing the Dolphins would be a candidate for him to go to since Tua didn’t exactly light it up last year and that Miami had the picks to do it.

When the rumors and reports started bellowing out by the 1000s, nobody in the Dolphin’s organization squashed them, and the rumors and reports multiplied by a million. For months and months, reports kept coming out that Miami was interested in Watson and that he would actually be a Dolphin if you know, those pesky 22 accusations of sexual assault weren’t a part of Watson’s future. I’m on record in a few spots saying that Watson would have been a Dolphin before the draft if not for the legal stuff looming.

Instead of coming out and firmly stating that we are not looking to see if we can bring Watson in, Grier and Flores danced around it saying that Tua is our quarterback even though very well-established writers from both cities were saying that Miami and Houston were talking.

It all came to a head on Tuesday when the trade deadline passed and Miami didn’t make the move. Instead, reports of Stephen Ross getting access to speak to Watson on Monday night to see if he would like to become a Miami Dolphin(whatever that means right?) allegedly happened but somehow Ross wasn’t able to speak to him which still makes no sense to me.

Then on Wednesday, Grier, finally, came out for a press conference. All the talk about how they were committed to Tua Tagovailoa and that he’s their guy went up in smoke as he explained that they have in fact looked into acquiring the services of Deshaun Watson.

This all could have been said months ago. Flores and Grier could have said back in June if they wanted that Watson is an excellent player and that we and other teams are monitoring his situation. Or, they could have just flat out lied and said we aren’t interested in any other player. They could have said this because if the Dolphins weren’t ever going to trade for him until his legal matters were resolved why not just squash it until Watson’s legal matters get resolved?

I think that’s my and many others’ biggest gripe with this. Nothing changed from the offseason until now. Nothing at all so this could have been ended until something changed. Makes me wonder what Ross and the gang would have spoken about if that conversation on Monday night happened. I guess we’ll never know.

The Dolphins are 1-7 and you don’t have to be a dime-store psychologist to know that this situation has affected this team at least a little bit. The whole 1-7 part coupled with the Watson drama being mishandled all the time is why I’m placing this situation as the worst time in my life of being a fan. There currently is no hope right now. There’s no good reason to think that Flores can turn things around not for this year but for next year.

Meaning, another rebuild might be around the corner. Another, we have to stink some more to possibly have it work out much later,  situation. This all comes off the mirage that was last year. Man alive were we short-sighted and fools to fall in love with all those turnovers.

Life will go on and all that but man alive coming from a fan’s perspective, this has been an ordeal. An ordeal that could have been avoided by a few sentences months ago followed by a few more sentences every time the Texans and Watson’s camp purposely leaked information.

Anyway, here are the other candidates for the worst moments in Dolphin’s history according to me. Feel free to destroy my list, add to it and maybe even pleasantly complement it.