Duke Johnson: A Miami Dolphins Mandela Effect happening right now

It goes all the way back to the end of October, October 26th to be exact. The Miami Dolphins desperately in need of help in their backfield due to never addressing the position for years looked to a guy who has done some good things in the league. They looked to a guy who could possibly come in and take a few carries but who would ultimately be utilized as a pass-catching back something the Dolphins needed and still do. That guy was University of Miami alum Duke Johnson and on November 21st, Johnson made his Miami Dolphin’s debut against the Jets touting the rock four times for 18 yards thus forever being in the stat book as a member of the Miami Dolphins. But did he?

I’ve spoken to some prominent Miami Dolphin’s fans and we all sort of remember Duke Johnson getting a few carries against the Jets but since November 11, not one of us can remember seeing Duke in a Dolphin’s uniform. Furthermore, none of us can recall the Miami Dolphins coming out and releasing Duke Johnson. Is something more supernatural happening? Is it possible that the collected masses of Miami Dolphin fans all are experiencing the Mandela Effect?

On the off chance that you’re unaware of what the Mandela Effect is, here is a very good video explaining this phenomenon.

So is what happened here concerning Duke Johnson on the Miami Dolphins the result of our universe getting pressed up against another universe? It seems unlikely but ask yourself; do you actually remember Duke Johnson getting any of those four, alleged hand-offs for 18 yards against the New York Jets? Like, do you really have a vivid memory of them?

I feel like I do and I even know of clips out there showing a Duke Johnson running the ball that day against the Jets. But where is he today? The Dolphins lost Patrick Laird on Sunday to a knee sprain and were only left with Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed. Where was Duke Johnson? Where has Duke Johnson been ever since November 21st? This Dolphins team, who signed Phillip Lindsay a few weeks who is, 100% confirmed, to be out with an injury was in need of another running back to step up last week after Laird went down but no one else did. It’s as if there was no other possible candidate to do it. What about Duke Johnson filling that void? Is it possible that Duke Johnson has fallen into a void of space-time? I’m not sure.

What I do know is that if you try and look up the Miami Dolphin’s depth chart there is no mention of anyone named Duke Johnson on it. That’s weird because there is no mention anywhere of the Dolphins releasing anybody with the name Duke Johnson at any time.

Have we all just been imprinted with the foggy memory of a running back named Duke Johnson getting signed by the Dolphins due to their ineptness with running the ball, who got four carries on November 21st against the Jets, who hasn’t gotten a carry since the Dolphins still can’t run the ball any better and where Patrick Laird got injured because our universe has collided with another universe in this potentially vast multi-verse? Or, is Duke Johnson still on the Dolphins roster, perhaps their practice squad just sort of hanging out? I can’t say with100% certainty either way.

I just know that I wouldn’t hate to see Duke Johnson get more time in the Dolphin’s backfield if, in fact, he is still on this plane of existence. I remember that guy doing some good things in this league. I think.

I hope the bye week is treating every one of you people really well. I’m doing fine, definitely not going to conspiracy theory rabbit holes or anything like that. I’m all good. Carry on and Fins Up.

By the Way- I remember when the Berenstain Bears thing happened. Had me doing some hard thinking. I could have sworn it was spelled Berenstein Bears.