5 reasons why the Miami Dolphins should be attractive to a new HC

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While most in the media view the Miami Dolphins vacancy at HC as a joke, there are plenty of reasons that the job should be attractive to a coach.

ProFootballTalk.com tweeted that any head coaching candidate should tell the Miami Dolphins to “Eff off” if the were asked to interview. Chris Simms continues to think that the Dolphins are a joke and Stephen Ross is not exactly viewed as an owner, by the media, as someone coaches want to work with. The Dolphins are a common whipping post for most in the media.

In some regards, they are right about the Dolphins not being a top destination but in a lot of other ways they are completely wrong.

The Dolphins are not a perfect fit for every HC option and there are plenty of reasons to not want to come to Miami including the front office drama that has played out through the years but are they much different than say the Vikings, Raiders, Broncos, Texans, Jaguars, Giants, and Bears?

Each of those teams have both good and bad and let us be real, none of those teams are looking for new head coaches because they have all these great pieces to work with. The only team of those seven to be in the playoffs are the Raiders and frankly, they should stick with their interim HC.

So what is it about the Dolphins that should be attractive to a new HC? I’ll give you five.

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