3 reasons why I’m talking myself into the Dolphins hiring Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images) /
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The dust still hasn’t settled from the impact of Brian Flores being fired on Monday. I wrote the other day that seemingly every hour there is a new report of how much of a jerk Flores was to Tua and others inside the Miami Dolphin’s compound. Now we move on to Mike McDaniel.

Mike Lombardi said yesterday, then retracted that it wasn’t Flores’ words perse, that Flores told Tua that he should have drafted Mac Jones. This is all a bucket of yuck but it’s not shocking that all these campfire tales of a big mean monster presiding over a football are starting to come out now. To all you “why don’t they report these things when the season is going on” people, well the reason is if reporters broke news like this while the coach was still in place, it would likely be a major blow to their career. Yes, Tom Pelissero did it to Urban Meyer, but kicking a guy in the leg is much universally disliked than telling your struggling QB that he stinks.

This is article is about the future. This article is about how I’m starting to talk myself into the Miami Dolphins hiring Mike McDaniel to be their next head coach.

Now, let me put it out there that my first choice is Jim Harbaugh. I know that Stephen Ross said that he won’t hurt Michigan by taking Harbaugh out of there. But what if Harbaugh leaves on his own accord? Ross never said anything about bringing in Harbaugh if was a free agent of sorts.

Harbaugh is a legit head coach who has his hand in both sides of the ball. Yes, he’s more of an offensive guy but he isn’t oblivious to what happens on defense. He’s done it before and was ever so close to winning a Super Bowl with the 49ers. I’d very much enjoy him being the coach of the Dolphins.

But if he does stay with the Wolverines, I’m starting to lean Mike McDaniel who is currently the offensive coordinator of the same San Francisco 49ers.

This means that Brian Daboll, my first choice of guys I wanted to be the next coach of the Dolphins not named Jim Harbaugh has slid down my list. Nothing against Daboll but I’ve really started to look into Mike McDaniel and I really like what I’m learning. Also, let’s not act like any of us really know who is going to pan out and who won’t. GMs, who get paid tons of money, don’t know who is going to be a good head coach like 65% of the time(I totally made up that number, it feels right) so don’t take my words as some sort of gospel.

That all being said, I have three big-time reasons why I am getting to the point that I want the Miami Dolphins to hire Mike McDaniel as the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins…… unless Jim Harbaugh is available.