The Dolphins are hiring Sam Madison to coach the cornerbacks

The Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel are putting together a very fine staff. A staff dare I say is a billion times better than the last one. Mike McD is all about those past Dolphin greats. He hired Wes Welker and now he has brought in lockdown specialist Sam Madison to coach the cornerbacks and other stuff.

I for one am stoked to see Sam Madison back on a Miami Dolphin’s sideline. Yes, some of that is for nostalgic reasons, but because Sam Madison knows what he is talking about when it comes to playing cornerback thus knows how to interpret the opposing team’s passing attack.

Madison has been coaching with the Kansas Chiefs since 2019 and helped the Chiefs secondary play its best football at the end of their Super Bowl season back in 2019. So it’s not like they’re hiring Lem Jeanpierre type who never did this before.

In 2019, the Chiefs ranked 10th in pass defense. I know it seems like that team was all offense, and much of the time they were, but the defense ended that year clamping down of teams. They made the plays necessary in securing a Lombardi trophy.

I also like the hire because of the brand of defense that this defense is designed for, the one Josh Boyer will be operating is a defense that relies heavily on man to man in your face defense. Do you know who’s nearly a grandmaster of up-in-your-grill man-to-man defense? Sam Madison that’s who. To me, it seems like a natural fit.

It be great if the Dolphins can go out and bring in Patrick Surtain to co-coach the secondary with Madison. Those guys were near dominant as a duo. Might as well let them do it again from a coaching standpoint.

Why stop there though? Why not see if Tim Bowens can come in and coach the defensive tackles or perhaps John Offerdahl has some extra time and would be down for coaching the linebackers?

Mike McD is doing a very good job with the staff he is putting together. It’s a solid group of younger, hungry coaches combined with seasoned veterans that want to show the league they’re not washed up. I like it. Sure, this staff might eventually stink but I’m going to go on telling myself that Mike McD is a genius until he is not a genius. Seems better to think like that compared to acting like Randy Quaid from Major League 2.

Here are some Sam Madison highlights;