The Miami Dolphins should seriously consider drafting Matt Araiza

Miami Dolphins logo (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins logo (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins, currently, have eight draft picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. They have plenty of positions that need to be addressed and adding depth is a yearly exercise. A position that, naturally, doesn’t get a lot of publicity is punter. I think that should change this year because this punter named Matt Ariza is the Steph Curry of punting.

You might be saying to yourself that labeling a guy the Steph Curry of punting is a hyperbolic thing to say. My response to that is to check out his tape and what he did at the combine.

Oh you know, just casually kicking a ball 75 yards as if he’s practicing 3ft putts. And this isn’t like he just got a hold of one real nice, hitting the sweet spot or anything like that. Matt Araiza has the ability to keep doing this. Like how Steph Curry has changed the game with kids only looking to take deep 3s and mostly not coming anywhere near the basket, kids are going to try and kick the ball like Matt Araiza.

I know that every once in a while we see a punter come up and make a tackle but we don’t often see a guy purposefully run up and seek out the ball carrier as Araiza does. Oh, and the 75+ plus bombs is a skill that I think the Dolphins can utilize.

If you didn’t notice last year, Michale Palardy wasn’t exactly stellar at punting. I distinctly remember a handful of games where Palardy couldn’t get the ball 35 yards down the field. That’s a major problem in a league where so many offenses can light up the scoreboard. Having a punter that consistently makes teams have to go 75 or more yards every possession would be an incredible club to have in our bag(2nd golf reference if you’re keeping score).

The Miami Dolphins offense is a real riddle at the moment and I can’t firmly say that Mike McDaniel will have the offense in positions where they are consistently scoring points. We’ve known nothing but inadequate offense where the Dolphins have to punt a lot. So, using a late rounder on a guy that flips fields like Matt Araiza does thus putting the best part of the team, their defense, in the best positions possible seems like a really good idea to me.

The Dolphins can lead the league in the not so often talked about, only for real diehard football fans category of “hidden yardage.” Yes, it’s very secretive. Hidden yardage, if you were unaware, is a phrase used to account for yardage that occurs that doesn’t have a real stat that the networks can put a graphic too. In this case, the number of yards gained by flipping the field position would fall under the very taboo category of “hidden yardage.”

I understand that a portion of fans will not want to waste any of the Dolphin’s draft picks on a punter. It just won’t sit well with them. It’s 2022 and coaches, especially, Mike McDaniel see the value of a guy that does the kinds of things Matt Araiza does. They know he’s quite valuable and just plugging any guy in there to punt is the kind of detail that loses games.

I’m open to the idea of using any of their picks from the 4th round on Matt Araiza. I think he can be that important and help the entire team with every kick.

I hope everyone has a great start to their week. It feels like it’s going to be a long week that just drags. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

By the Way- How many punts by Matt Araiza into Jerry Jones’ jumbotron until he brings it down? No more than 8 direct shots by Araiza and that sucker is coming down. I think that’s the right number.

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