Miami Dolphins Chris Grier turned one draft pick into team’s future

Chris Grier (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Chris Grier (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins fanbase is jumping up and down. Elated with what Chris Grier has done in free agency, a week after begging for him to be fired.

As we rewind back to the 2021 NFL Draft, Grier was criticized for trading out of the 3rd overall spot, a draft slot that was one of the final pieces that came from the Laremy Tunsil trade. Fans were not thrilled with what Grier did. Taking the team out of play for Kyle Pitts and Ja’Marr Chase. He turned that pick pick into three first round selections.

Holding two first round picks in 2021, Grier made more fans angry when he traded one of the two last year and one of the two this year to the Eagles to move up to 5th overall. Now a year later, we can see what Grier has done, so far, with that one trade back.

Grier moved from 3 to 12 then from 12 to 5 where he took WR Jalen Waddle. He gave up his own 2022 first round pick to the Eagles as part of that trade but he kept the selection he got from the 49ers, this year’s 29th overall pick. Now, he has traded that pick to K.C. for WR Tyreek Hill. An electric top wide receiver still in the prime of his career.

If we look at it a bit closer, Miami traded that 3rd overall pick for Waddle, Hill, and a first round pick in 2023. Hard to complain about that in any form. Even with the addition of Miami’s own first round pick this year.

To think this all had to do with one player. The Laremy Tunsil trade netted Miami more picks than they have ever had in a single trade and even now, the Dolphins have managed to parlay that trade into more selections. Last year was suppose to bring the conclusion to that trade but that 3rd overall pick has brought more and now, the finale will come in 2023.

We can say whatever we want about Chris Grier and maybe he is a little above where he should be but he is learning and it is hard to debate his flair for making trades. Now if his free agency additions can work out, he just might be the solution. Either way, that trade last year is looking a lot nicer now.