Now is the time for the Dolphins to make the throwbacks permanent

Miami Dolphins(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins have us feeling things that we haven’t felt in possibly 20 years. They have us feeling that for the first time in forever, the team is actually ready to do some real winning. The team can seemingly do no wrong. I know I’m far from alone on this one but the Dolphins should keep the good times rolling and announce that the throwback uniforms are permanent.

The last four days have been nothing short of spectacular to be a fan of the Miami Dolphins. The offseason started as a tumultuous one. It had all the makings of a classic dumpster fire Dolphin’s offseason but then Mike McDaniel was hired and we all started convincing ourselves that perhaps not everything was lost.

Free agency was going well but the team didn’t do anything that got anybody too excited. That doesn’t mean that every move has to make me jump out of my chair but it wouldn’t hurt until l hurt myself doing it.

Then, Terron Armstead got signed late Wednesday night and we all went nuts. It was awesome. For the first time in a while, all of us were rejoicing together. It was like in the third Matrix(the worst of the series) when the machines stopped attacking Zion and the war was over. There was common ground among us.

Not even 15 hours later and the unthinkable happened. The Dolphins, from out of nowhere, traded for the fastest, most elusive, most oh my lord this guy actually keeps defensive coordinators up at night, player in the league in Tyreek Hill. It was at this moment that we all were the Vince McMahon falling out of his chair gif.

Finally, the team is showing that they’re actually doing what we have been calling for and what many of the best teams in sports do and that is say “screw it, we’re going all in.” The Miami Dolphins have gone all in for this season and probably the next few after it.

Where this leads them, financially and roster wise in three seasons, I don’t know and I honestly don’t care. My take on it is they’ll figure it out later. I’m going to tell that to myself now and just enjoy what is potentially in front of us and that is a team that should be contending for at least the division. I realize that a lot still has to happen and a lot has to break the Dolphin’s way in order for that dream to happen. I’m here for it.

The Dolphins can do wrong at the moment. They’re throwing sevens with every move they make. It’s why I say now would be a great time to announce that after years of dancing around it to give in to the demands of the fans and anybody that has ever had the privilege of laying eyes on the greatest and most aesthetically pleasing uniform in sports and make the throwback uniforms permanent.

I realize that this has been written about before. I think I actually wrote about it years ago at a different Dolphin’s publication. As we know, the Dolphins didn’t take my earlier article seriously. I’m confident this will be the one that gets their attention like Deeds was trying to get Hallmark to notice him.

The Miami Dolphin throwback uniforms are an absolute good like giving to charities, dogs, and the chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell are. When you see or have them, you just feel better about yourself. I’m pretty sure endorphins and dopamine levels rise and you just want to do happy things and be overly nice to people. The throwbacks make you feel all tingly inside and I would like to experience that every Sunday by having the Dolphins where them every game.

The current logo and uniforms are fine. I think that’s what most people will tell you. I think if you gave everyone truth serum they would tell you that they personally don’t care for them but would use more colorful language. I think I would fall into that category.

There are a few articles I found, with about two minutes of research, that are pretty interesting. The first is a history of the Dolphin’s logo. The second is an article from a year ago that pretty much says that it is unlikely that Stephen Ross won’t be changing to the throwbacks for permanent use any time soon even though everyone in the world wants it to happen. It doesn’t really give an explanation as to why it won’t happen but I like many others have our own theory. It’s not as compelling as to who shot JFK, which I’m totally down to get into if anybody wants to, but it’s a solid theory nonetheless.

Are you ready for it? Money. That’s my theory. Stephen Ross put a lot of money into rebranding and changing the logo back in 2013 and slightly changing it again in 2018. I don’t think he wants to punt on that yet. Also, he has people buying merchandise for two separate logos. Quick math here but two is bigger than one.

My argument against that, without doing any research into it, is that I feel more money would be made if every piece of merchandise coming out of the Dolphins had the throwback logo on it. That solely creating merchandise with the throwback logo would make more money than producing merchandise with two different logos. Again, I’m not a businessman but I feel strong about my conviction.

I also have a theory that Stephen Ross sits in a chair like, strokes a cat as if he’s Dr. Claw, and knows he can make the throwbacks permanent anytime he wants. I think he has that opportunity hanging in a glass case labeled break in case of emergency if there is a total mutiny by the fans by something truly horrible. Not the worst plan because if the throwbacks were ever to be announced as the jersey the Dolphins were going to wear every week it would galvanize the entire fanbase. I shudder to think what a fully unified Dolphin fan base can accomplish if we’re all pulling in the same direction. World peace, eliminate hunger, the moon, who knows?

The Dolphin’s throwback jerseys are the kind of beautiful display of art that folks from other fan bases recognize as being elite. I can’t tell you how many times I wore my Tua or Waddle throwback jersey and had some person tell me”man alive, those jerseys are so sweet why don’t you guys wear those all the time.” Then I say “well friend, it’s not my decision but you’re right they should.”

Be the change you want to see in the world. Good words said by a great man. Here you can do just that.

It’s from a couple of years ago but it can’t hurt. Sign it and let’s see what happens. Probably nothing will happen but sometimes it’s the longshots that pay off the most. I mean Saint Peter’s just made history by being the first 15 seed to reach the Elite 8. Does that give this article any chance to reach the desk of Ross, make him change his mind, and do the right thing? I don’t know. But a man can dream and I dream of one day the Miami Dolphins dawning their incredibly magnificent and radiant throwback jerseys every week.

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