Miami Dolphins: 21 personnel will lead Miami to the playoffs

Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /
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Now that the waters have settled after the Miami Dolphins made the biggest splash of free agency, the Dolphins head into the draft with a different outlook than most years.

Dolphins fans always hope Miami will make the playoffs, but it is usually just blind faith as a fan with no real grounds to back it up.

However, in 2022, it’s different.

Yes, there is still some blind faith involved, but that’s part of being a fan. Though, the blind faith comes from fans being juiced up for new head coach Mike McDaniel.

McDaniel has reenergized the fanbase, and after a dominant free agency, he has fans talking about the playoffs again.

The Miami Dolphins will make the playoffs in 2022, and it will be because of their most dominant personnel grouping.

It’s crazy to think about. Miami has had back-to-back winning seasons but no playoffs to show for it. Within those back-to-back seasons, the amount of dysfunction surrounding the team has been suffocating.

Everywhere you looked, there was dysfunction, and it was clear they had no true identity as a football team.

That is why McDaniel is so fascinating.

Miami fans have attached to his infectious personality, and better yet, NFL players have too. McDaniel has been raved about all offseason by old players, new players, old coaches, and new coaches.

What makes all this better? McDaniel is bringing a scheme to Miami that will be a lot harder to stop than people understand.

And McDaniel’s elite scheme will be the exact reason the Miami Dolphins make the playoffs next year. Let’s dive in.