Miami Dolphins: Top 5 moves made during the off season

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The Miami Dolphins have a brand-new look and swagger. What are the five most important off season moves the team has made thus far?

The Miami Dolphins entered the off season and free agency period with some of the most money to spend of any NFL team, and they made some of the biggest splashes of the early stages. The team looks drastically different on the offensive side of the ball, while the defense that was responsible for keeping the team in contention in 2021 has returned every starter.

The hype is real for the Dolphins, as they are now one of the daily subjects on NFL talk shows around the media landscape. For the first time in recent memory, there are more positives surrounding the team than negatives, and even some of the top analysts are high on Miami and their potential for 2022.

But which of all the off season moves was the best? Which transaction could we not live without?

Here are the 5 best moves made by the Miami Dolphins so far this off season:

Miami Dolphins
Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins /

5. Tyreek Hill traded to the Miami Dolphins

Call me crazy, but I think the Miami Dolphins’ acquisition of Tyreek Hill isn’t the most important move of the off season. In fact, it barely made the list by coming in at number 5.

Trust me, I am just as excited as anyone to watch Hill torch defenses and throw up the peace sign on his way to the end zone. He is the first legit superstar to play for Miami in some time, and could be the ultimate factor that puts the team over the top if they are able to climb the mountain in the AFC East.

But did the Dolphins absolutely need Tyreek Hill? They already had one of the fastest wide receivers in the league in Jaylen Waddle, and speedy running back Raheem Mostert had already been signed. Cedrick Wilson was added to further the quickness of the weapons around Tua Tagovailoa, and the team was able to bring back one of the more familiar targets in Mike Gesicki.

If anything, Hill was the cherry on top of what had already been a successful off season. We are already salivating over video clips from April mini-camps, envisioning what this high-powered offense could potentially become. But there were more important moves that the Dolphins made that they absolutely needed to make, and they did…