Don’t be surprised if the Miami Dolphins trade pick 102 during draft

General Manager Chris Grier Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
General Manager Chris Grier Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins are not going to make a draft pick selection until pick 102 but if we are going to put odds on them using it, I would bet against it.

For Chris Grier and the Miami Dolphins, there are few actual holes left on the field. There are upgrade needs at linebacker and potentially right tackle but overall, the Dolphins don’t have anything blaring as they head into draft week.

So why is 102 so important? For Miami, it really isn’t. The Dolphins are in a good position in terms of their roster and while a third-round pick is still a good pick to have and should deliver a starting quality player, a bigger reality continues to sit in my thoughts.

The Miami Dolphins don’t need to use that pick. Not this year, not at all. And I think that pick is primed to be traded.

Miami is already adding draft picks to the 2023 draft. They have two first-round picks, and they have an additional third-round pick that was given by the Patriots in the DeVante Parker trade. Traditionally, a pick in one year’s draft is equivalent to a round higher in the next year. For Chris Grier, that could be very enticing.

Imagine if the Dolphins are one pick away from being on the clock and the guy that they have pegged comes off the board, why would Grier make a selection if another team is on the phone willing to take it off his hands?

Again, that 3rd round pick could become a 2nd round selection in the 2023 draft and if I am Chris Grier, given the state of my roster right now, I’m jumping on that if it is offered. In fact, I would probably be open to doing it with every single draft pick that I had if it meant stockpiling picks in 2023.

It isn’t a bad option for the Dolphins and Grier. Grier is in no position to lose his job and he doesn’t need the draft capital this year. As I said earlier, if I were going to lay down a bet, I might be inclined to bet against the Dolphins using that draft pick, number 102, in this year’s draft.