With the #225 pick the Miami Dolphins selected Cameron Goode

Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The draft picks of the 2022 NFL Draft are flying off the board. That’s a pretty natural thing in the 7th round. Well with their first of two draft picks in the 7th round, the Miami Dolphins have selected Cameron Goode an OLB out of California.

If you’re wondering who Cameron Goode is, so am I. I’m not going to try and act like I have any clue who Cameron Goode is. I bet he’s a great dude to be around, who will have your back when you need it, and who is one hell of a football player. I didn’t watch one second of California football or watch one second of his highlights on YouTube until about 10 minutes ago.

But I don’t care at this point. He just got drafted by the team I love. Therefore, I love that he’s on the Miami Dolphins and I trust that Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel know exactly what they’re doing in terms of who fits the best on the team. Plus, it’s the 7th round. That means take whoever you think might really surprise you and have a sneaky high ceiling. At least that’s what my approach would be.

From throwing on one of the highlight tapes that I found on YouTube, one thing that stuck out to me is that Cameron Goode is really good at not falling for play-action fakes. I feel like that is an underrated quality for linebackers. When the quarterback shows that he’s handing the ball off to one side and boots the other way, it’s always awesome when the edge player stays home and drives at that upfield shoulder(tell me you’re not loving that football jargon. I am an actual high school coach who teaches this stuff so respect me) and gets to the quarterback.

Cameron Goode was a candidate to get undrafted but his pro-day really helped his cause. He first measured at 37 inches in his vertical jump and then at his pro-day, which was one week after he recorded the 37-inch jump, he put out a 39-inch vertical jump. By my calculations, that means if Cameron Goode improves his vert by two inches every year for the next 10 seasons it means that he will be close to being able to block Ja Morant. It also means that Cameron Goode works real hard and does what he can to better himself even if that means punishing his body in a hardcore way. That matters to me.

I have no idea if Cameron Goode will make an impact for the Miami Dolphins or if he’ll even make the team. What I do know is that I trust Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel, at the moment, and if they say Cameron Goode is a diamond in the rough on April 30th, I’m going to go along with it until I see for myself that it was the wrong move. Until then, welcome to Miami Cameron Goode. Enjoy the slide.

Obligatory Cameron Goode highlights.

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