Channing Tindall could be the Miami Dolphins answer to Josh Allen

Channing Tindall (41) Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Channing Tindall (41) Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins have a Josh Allen problem that fans don’t really want to admit. Allen has owned the Dolphins but Channing Tindall could fix that.

Not to put too much pressure on a young 3rd round draft pick, but Tindall will have a big challenge ahead of him. Stop Josh Allen from running rampant across the field. Allen and other bigger QBs with running ability can slice and dice the Dolphins’ defense even when they are at their best.

Tindall is quick. He is fast to the point of contact, he can hit hard, and he can tackle consistently. He also has room to grow but if I am Josh Boyer and the Miami Dolphins defensive coaches, I’m using Tindall to shadow opposing quarterbacks or the top running backs.

The speed at which Tindall plays is impressive and has been the talking point all weekend long. The Dolphins made a play to get better at stopping the run and perhaps, stopping the talented QBs that are now all over the AFC.

Allen is a very good athlete and when the Dolphins secondary shuts down opposing Bills receivers, Allen tends to find a way to slip out of the pocket and get upfield. Miami has decent linebackers but they lack the type of quick-twitch speed that Tindall has.

I get it, Tindall has growing to do at the NFL level and the coaching staff will have to bring that out of him but if he can succeed, he very well could be the player that the defense needs to keep quarterbacks like Allen on their backs and paying for the runs when they leave the pocket. Will he? That is what time will tell us but for now, it’s a good start to think that might be a possibility.