Patriots pulling a 2021 Miami Dolphins and going with mystery coordinators

Jan 9, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) runs with the football ahead of New England Patriots defensive end Christian Barmore (90) during the fourth quarter at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 9, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) runs with the football ahead of New England Patriots defensive end Christian Barmore (90) during the fourth quarter at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

The New England Patriots compared to the Miami Dolphins isn’t even close in terms of who has won more. For 20 years the Patriots have run the Miami Dolphins, the AFC East, and the NFL. Now it appears that they are mirroring the absolute success of the 2021 Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator situation and going with the who the hell knows approach as to who their offensive coordinator is.

I realize that this has been out there for a little bit. But wasn’t out there was that, reportedly, players on the Patriots are “concerned” over what is happening on the offensive side of the ball.

First, it must be said that I am 100 billion percent jealous of how much winning the New England Patriots have done over the past 20 seasons. I think it’s weird not to be jealous. If you want to label them all cheaters, go for it. I say every team does a little something to gain an edge. Maybe not as much as Bill Belichick and New England, but every team does some stuff. Don’t believe me, click this link and find out for yourself.

The whole deflategate thing, that was an incredible waste of time. To think that a little less air in a football meant anything is beyond me. Oh and the number of quarterbacks that doctored footballs to their liking, well, there’s a long list. This article does a good job of illustrating that.

The point is if the Miami Dolphins did those things, got caught, but won six Super Bowls the amount of mental gymnastics tons of Miami fans would do to justify would be incredible and I’d be doing the same.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish bad luck and misfortunate to follow the New England Patriots for the rest of eternity. I want that to happen and the way things are going in New England maybe they’re on their way to that. I mean, I’m sure they’ll be fine eventually one day but don’t get in my way of thinking that their downfall for the next 20 years isn’t upon us. Brady leaving started it and it seems like things are barely above water in New England.

Yes, the New England Patriots made the playoffs last year with a rookie quarterback while the Miami Dolphins once again missed the playoffs. No big deal really that the Miami Dolphins beat them twice. But I think if you injected truth serum into Patriots nation right now and asked him who would you rather be this year, I think many would begrudgingly say the Miami Dolphins. I think some of the Patriots players would do the same.

Players, reportedly, seeing what’s going on at practice and not having good feelings about it is something that easily would come out of teams like the Miami Dolphins for decades. Now it looks like the Patriots are starting to have those weird, seemingly, avoidable stories hoover over them. What a shame.

The Patriots simply didn’t do much to improve a team that like the Miami Dolphins beat mostly a bunch of teams that weren’t very good. Like the Dolphins when it was time to put on their big boy pants, besides the Bills game where Mac Jones threw the ball twice, they folded and were outmatched.

During the offseason, the Miami Dolphins got a new coach, who everyone loves, upgraded their receiving core and offensive line immensely, and didn’t lose anyone on defense. The Patriots traded for DeVante Parker.

I know the Patriots have a good offensive line and a solid running game, but we know that scoring points is what needs to happen to win late in the year. I just don’t think the Patriots did enough in free agency or the draft to keep up with the Bills unless they’re banking on crazy weather.

Then Josh McDaniels left for Las Vegas and Joe Judge and Matt Patricia were brought back, told to kiss the rings, and are now possibly co-offensive coordinators? You can’t tell me that’s not a page out of the Brian Flores playbook of how to build an offensive staff.

Last year, the Miami Dolphins had anywhere from 2-37 offensive coordinators and Flores thought he was being really coy not stating who in fact was the offensive coordinator. He also thought it be fabulous to have the process of how a play gets called on the offense be similar to how scientists break down the human genome.

Amazingly, it appears that the hooded one saw that and said “the way the Dolphins ran things on offense, I want to do that. That is the way to go.” I don’t know if having a bit of mystery about how the offensive coaching situation leads to confusing defensive coordinators is what Belichick has in mind. But let me say, using the experience of watching the 2021 Miami Dolphins as my guide, that no defensive coordinator is wondering who is running the offense of a team without the talent to do anything with the ball. They couldn’t care less.

There are reports that Bill Belichick himself will be the one calling plays. I realize he’s a super genius and all that but he’s never done it before and at 70 years old I’m not sure that’s the way to go but to each their own I guess.

Seems that this whole football thing isn’t as easy when you don’t have the greatest QB of all time to cover up your mistakes. Having Brady masked many swings and misses and now that he’s not there and whiffing on draft picks and free agents matters more. As Miami Dolphin fans, we know this all too well. Now the New England Patriots and their fans are feeling it as well. Oh well, that’ll happen.

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