All the praise for Tua Tagovailoa is starting to make me uneasy

Tua Tagovailoa (1), shakes hands with Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle (17) during pregame action against the New England Patriots during NFL game at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday in Miami Gardens.New England Patriots V Miami Dolphins 07
Tua Tagovailoa (1), shakes hands with Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle (17) during pregame action against the New England Patriots during NFL game at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday in Miami Gardens.New England Patriots V Miami Dolphins 07 /

I love that Tua Tagovailoa is getting love from his teammates even some of his brand new, fantastic receiver-type teammates who are talking him up whenever they get asked about him. But I’d be lying if I didn’t think about how all this praise is starting to make me feel just a wee bit uncomfortable.

Let it be said, that Tua’s teammates, such as Mike Gesicki and Tyreek Hill, are a million times better than saying the opposite. I wouldn’t want the other guys on the Miami Dolphins being like “well, his arm is just okay and we’re going to have to do a lot of smoke and mirrors to make this offense work.” Obviously, that would never get said. But it seems like every other day we hear someone else on the teammate come out and go above and beyond the call of duty saying just how amazing Tua has been and how strong his arm is.

I’m not about to say that operation “Pump Tua Up” was handed down from the higher-ups of Dolphin’s management. I’m just saying coming out and saying, definitely, that Tua Tagovailoa has a very strong arm is something. I mean we watched last year how at times the ball didn’t have a ton of velocity on it. We have memories.

I come from the school of thought that if you or others have to say you are something then you’re probably not that something. Like if you have to go out of your way awkwardly to say someone is actually a really nice person then I’m going to go ahead and believe that person isn’t all that nice. Maybe that’s a “me” problem. Who knows?

Perhaps, what everyone is saying is very true and that Tua is throwing the ball like he was back at Alabama. That Tua Tagovailoa is now, for the first time since his major hip injury, getting his hip back into all his throws. That very well maybe. It’s not like I’m at practice watching this up close. Also, doesn’t help that all the footage we see of him throwing is from a camera person who, strictly, shoots video as if they’re filming the next installment of the Jason Bourne series.

If they would just show Tua Tagovailoa throwing one 35-yard rope from an aerial view clearly showing that his arm is back to full send then I’d be like “alright, his arm is a strong one.” This remains to be seen. I guess we’ll find out when the preseason games start.

I’m a cynic especially when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. I wish I wasn’t but I am. I’m quite optimistic about this season and what Tua could potentially do. But until I actually see it, I can’t go and Sharpie in 11-12 wins as if it’s a forgone conclusion.

This isn’t the Chiefs or Packers where for the past five seasons or more where you can automatically put them in the playoffs before the season starts. This is the Miami Dolphins we’re talking about here. They’re the masters of selling false hope only to let you down in the end.

Even last year during training camp we heard countless reports of how Tua Tagovailoa is looking bigger and stronger only for him to look pretty much the same he did as a rookie.

We all hope that with the new upbeat, non-head game-playing, cool as all hell coach in Mike McDaniel that the team is finally going to be doing real actual winning. I honestly believe the Miami Dolphins will do actual winning this year. But I know I won’t 100% buy-in without a shadow of a doubt that the Miami Dolphins, the team that has broken my heart over and over again, have finally figured it out until I actually watch them figure it out.

I will follow them into the good night for the rest of my life. I will allow myself to be hurt by them every year. That’s what love and fandom are all about. That doesn’t mean I’m going to shy away from something that usually comes our way as Miami Dolphins fans, and that’s disappointment.

I’m glad that Tua’s teammates have his back. As I said, nobody here would want it to be any different. Tua Tagovailoa needs the confidence of his teammates. Compared to last year, this should be feeling like a complete 180 to him.

What I would love would be fewer sound bytes for a while. Just some simple “oh yeah, Tua is making all the throws and looks real good out there” type of sound bytes if any would be fine with me. I want things to get boring for a little bit as Summer begins. Give me more practice clips of Tua throwing darts from angles that leave no doubt if you’re going to do anything. Or give me clips of everyone else. Immerse me in footage of guys hitting the sled.

I’m a Tua Tagovailoa believer. I want him to be awesome because I love the Miami Dolphins and he is the quarterback. To the weirdos that want him to fail just so you can say I told you so, you’re the worst type of person. Tua being good for the Dolphins is good for the Dolphins and that’s what ultimately matters.

Here’s to Tua Tagovailoa making believers out of everyone else and removing the very small amount of doubt that is nestled in the deepest part of my mind this year. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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